Mad Ones Entertainment
By: Ginger Coyote


1. tvin
2.cadillac el dorado
3. the moves of the bishop
4. tiger beat
5. more about the city later
6. the passenger who never falls asleep
7. magazine street
8. french movies
9. geiaton
10. championship
11. before the fever
12. the test mirror
Interesting jazz induced music combined with rock and a dash of
punk rock.. The band Swill Merchants are from Massachusetts and have been playing the circuit for 4 years now.. They don't really care who they impress with this debut CD. The musicianship is good and they seem to be able to slide from one forte to another with ease.. I understand the singer does a good Iggy Pop when they perform. Standout cuts include Cadillac El Dorado, French Movies and Before the Fever.. I think they should contact French Kiss records...

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