April 2017


The Versatile
And Very Talented
Susan Surftone
Interview By: Ginger Coyote

Many of you know Susan as a rad surf guitarist, Recently she has taken on another job and that is writer.... Many do not know that Susan is a former FBI Agent proving just how versatile she really is... I hope you enjoy my interview with Susan Surftone.

Punk Globe: Congratulations Susan on your success with being a published writer! Is your work with The Huffington Post and The Advocate your first ventures?

Susan: Yes. Political writing is something I have always wanted to do. When The Advocate gave me the chance to write about Hillary Clinton last July I jumped at it. Frankly, I couldn't believe it.

Punk Globe: It was a pleasure meeting you in February... Did you enjoy yourself during the Grammys here in Los Angeles this year?

Susan: I did. I always like coming to LA. Grammy weekend is fun. Sort of like a convention for those of us in the non-televised categories. A highlight was meeting and talking with you.

Punk Globe: Any fun parties that you attended?

Susan: There a party that's thrown by Grammy nominee Al Walser called The Soiree. It's an annual thing in it's third year. The music rocks and it's in a club setting so it's the most rock and roll you get. This year I got to meet Jerry Schilling, a member of Elvis Presley's inner circle. He shook my hand twice so I was very honored.

Punk Globe: You recently vented on #notmypresident in The Advocate. Tell the readers about that?

Susan: I've written three pieces about Trump for The Advocate and two for Curve Magazine. In my opinion he should not be in the White House. In my opinion he is unqualified, unstable and may have ties with Putin. I see no swamp draining and I don't like walls. I have a problem with liars. If I have a platform to write I am going to do it. We can't be silent about what has happened here.

Punk Globe: How has the response did from the readers?

Susan: My last piece in The Advocate about Sessions got 6.9k shares so I guess people get something out of it. I never read the comments.

Punk Globe: I was happy with your finished article about myself for The Huffington Post. How has the response been for that?


Susan: The response has been great. Some of my Grammy friends really liked it.

I always like to bring punk and rock and roll into that community. Those with open minds get it.

Punk Globe:It is always nice to bring Punk Rawk into everyone's life... You worked with the FBI. What is your thoughts on how James Comey handled the Hilary Clinton situation?

Susan: I've never seen anything like it. He makes Hoover look good. I do believe Comey was way out of line and cost her the election. Now it seems the Bureau is not fully cooperating with the Congressional committees investigating the Russian matter. This isn't how the Bureau should operate. It has to be apolitical and it's not. Something is very wrong.

Punk Globe: Tell us about the other articles that you have written?

Susan: I wrote one in The Huffington Post about Grammy winner Ricky Kej and all the work he is doing about climate change. Ricky is a global private citizen who will keep climate change in the forefront. We need him and people like him. He is also a very nice guy. You can check out his work at www.ShantiSamsara.com.

Punk Globe: Do you have a word count or any restrictions about the subject matter for who you have been writing for?

Susan: I try to keep it to around 800 words. I can get my points across and keep things focused for the reader. I don't have restrictions. I look for subjects people are not likely to know about but they should. I like for people to maybe get curious and want to know more.

Punk Globe: You have not put your music on hold while you have been writing. Tell us about what you have coming up with your music?

Susan: I've got a new EP called "Making Waves Again" due out on April18th. This one has a new original instro surf song, blues, Elvis and Everly Brothers covers, originals with vocals. It's all over the place yet it's cohesive.

Punk Globe: Tell us about your connection with Bongo Boy Records?

Susan: I met Bongo Boy Records through the Grammy community. I've been on their "Out Of The Garage' series and their "Gnarly Wave" series. I've got more in the works with them on those two series and will be doing a video.

The relationship is good. Gar Francis produced my original, "Up Down And All Around" and Monique Grimme is a hard worker in the interests of the artists connected with the label.

Punk Globe: Any tours or video's in the works?

Susan: There's a video in the works for one of the songs from "Making Waves Again" I need to find a woman who can dance and play the part of an exotic temptress. I'd like to tour again. Probably a trip down the west coast. I found a great drummer in Portland, Brian Foxworth, so it's looking like more of a possibility.

Punk Globe: Do you have any links or Internet addresses that you would like to share with the readers?

Susan: Yes. Here is my website. www.susansurftone.com and e-mail susansurftone@gmail.com If there are any dancing exotic temptresses out there, I'd like to hear from you.

Punk Globe: Any final thoughts for Punk Globe readers?

Susan: Believe in the impossible and never give up hope. Look for the truth. It will keep you free.

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