Alternative Tentacles
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA  94141-9092
by Ginger Coyote



One of the most respected old school punk bands from Canada have released "New Dark Age Parade" on Alternative Tentacles....Musician/Political Activist Gerry Hannah-  who was involved with Direct Action and  who spent 5 years in prison for his political beliefs... Gerry is back in the fold with a vengeance...Also back in the band is original members Mike Graham, Brian Gobble and they are joined by Jon Card (Personality Crisis, SNFU, DOA). This CD unleashes 14 new songs on this gem...For people who never witnessed a SUBHUMANS show live let me tell you it was never a dull night. The music had just the right amount of political content filled with comic overtones.. Rumor is that at one show they gave a couple a case of beer to have sex on stage.......Jello Biafra was quoted as saying "You can tell who it is right away....these guys have been around way to long to bother imitating anyone else!"

Stand out tracks on this CD include "World At War"  "Mindless Tough Guy Act", "Life Sure Can Suck" "Blood Seat and Beers" -fuck all 14 tracks kick major ass!!!!! In Canada this CD is available on G7 Welcoming Committee Records....


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