"The Day The Earth Stood Stupid"
Unrepentant Records
Review By: Ginger Coyote


1. The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
2. Hellbound Train
3. Escape Of The Maniac
4. Tree Love
5. Your Parents Lied
6. Full Moon Lament
7. Cemetery Shuffle
8. Desert Rose
9. Panic and the Fire Department
10. I met Her At The Haunted House
11. Another Round
12. Worst Case Scenario
13. Maniac With A Machete
14. You've Got A Choice
15. Turned Down Blues
Loud Fast Psychobilly from Kennewick Washington.. Formed in 2007 after doing the weekly open mic night at their favorite watering hole. This trio has been kicking major ass every since playing loud tight music. There are 15 songs on this CD and each song is about 2 minutes of high energy! I like Track 1 I wonder if it may have been a take off of X Ray Specs "The Day The World Turned Day Glow" . All the songs are good with tight musicianship.
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