"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Stop to Smell the Roses
By Ima Guetenbed
I am sitting on a deck at a cabin in Minnesota. The moon is beautiful and reflecting on the lake. I can hear Loons in the background as they paddle through the water, and I realize that my mom, her partner and my partner are inside the cabin as I sit here writing my article for Punk Globe this month and we are all safe and sound.
Somewhere hours ago, this same very moon was over an area that hundreds of thousands of Service Men and Women of all ages, genders, religions, and what not were sitting scared that they might not make it through the night. Providing the very freedom I have to relax on the deck with a glass of Scotch on the rocks sweating next to me and cigarette in my mouth and my laptop on the patio table and here I sit relaxing as if I don’t have a care in the world.
So this article is titled “Stop and Smell the Roses because of simply that. Stop and think about the freedom allowed to each and every one of us that people are providing for us that we don’t even know or think about. Think about the President and all he goes through on a day to day basis making it possible for you to go about your day and not be scared all the time of possible attaches.
I want to take this month and thank those very people for providing to me this very privilege that most can only dream of having. No, it’s not Memorial Day or Veterans Day, it’s just a normal everyday day. We shouldn’t have to be reminded to remember these Service Men and Women and the President of the United States. All we remember is what was the last body count and who we have to morn today. I want every day to be a day to Stop and Smell the Roses, even though I know it cannot be, but I am stopping right now to smell the roses and give thanks to those who provide me the freedom to sit with my glass full of scotch and a cigarette in my mouth and write my article in the peace and serenity of the Minnesota air. Take time to give thanks to the President that you may or may not agree with and those men and women who are serving our county. Because without the workings of the government it would be a much different world out there and I know for a fact I would not like anything to change. I have my health and life and family and freedom and that doesn’t come easy. Yes, there are things going on that I would like to see change, yes, there are things I would like to see different. But you know what we don’t have it so bad when if we choose so we can sit in a cabin in the woods and watch our loved ones inside doing what they wish to do. Here’s to hopeful wishing that every night can be as this very night. I have a BIG story for you next month so be sure to read it. I am going to leave this one short and sweet for those that have come before us and given us and keep giving us the freedom we have in the United States of America. So remember that the next time you’re badmouthing the President or anyone who fights for this country.
And as always remember to make your bed every morning because you never know who might drop by that night….. KISS KISS Ima Guetenbed “PROUD AMERICAN”