New Music: The Stooges: "My Idea of Fun" [Stream]
by Pitchfork News

As reported by Pitchfork News in October, the Stooges spent time at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studios in October laying down tracks for their first new record in nearly 35 years. Well, now they've posted the album's debut track, "My Idea of Fun", on their MySpace page.

Iggy's not exactly in top form, straining to reach the higher notes in the chorus. But musically, the band-- here featuring all original members, with the exception of the late David Alexander, replaced by Watt-- churns out their best approximation of that classic, cycle-savage gnash, while Albini does his best to evoke the raw production work of their 1969 self-titled debut.

Still, the song itself is a mess, its chorus sending the entire track off the rails with the stunningly asinine refrain: "My idea of fun/ Is killing everyone." It doesn't exactly bode well for The Weirdness, but even a worst-case scenario-- an album full of songs like this one-- can't blemish one of rock's greatest legacies.


Stream: > The Stooges: "My Idea of Fun" [MySpace]
The Weirdness
; due 03/20/07 on Virgin] -- the site has the song on the song player (first one).
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