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From Jakarta: Please Let Me Introduce You To
I recently got a message from StoneAge Records and I was very intrigued to find out that the Label was located in Jakarta... So I contacted Rizkan who is a member of the DIY action band StoneAge Rock. Rizkan and the members of StoneAge Rock run the label.. I was really happy to hear they also knew my good friends Rabind Rawks and Barmy who is the lead singer of Antiseptic the first punk band to come out of Indonesia... I hope you all enjoy the interview.. After all it really is a Punk Globe we live on...
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview.. How many people are involved with StoneAge Records?
Rizkan: OK... Thanks for giving us a chance too :) . Actually this netlabel is a DIY action of a band named StoneAgeRock. So the members inside this label consists of all the members of StoneAgeRock band and some friends who are close to us. So I can say that there are 4 people on it.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us who they are?
Rizkan: There are me(Rizkan),Acong,Rizza,and Firman.
Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers all about Stone Age Records?
Rizkan: OK. Actually this label used to be a DIY action for a band named StoneAgeRock and also this label is formed to release all the materials from all of the side project from the members of StoneAgeRock. But by the length of time came an idea for us to diverse it not only just a DIY label. Then we decided to established it a net label with a mission to collect and publish to wide people all the releases from the punk music scene.
Punk Globe: You are located in Jakarta ?
Rizkan: Yes. It is
Punk Globe: What kind of music do you release on StoneAge Records?
Rizkan: Actually we release punk music as wide. So we also put some branches from punk music to the list like Hardcore,Shoegaze,Indie-Pop,Grind-core,Lo-Fi, Rockabilly,Crust-core,Ska,New wave,Thrash,Crossover,and everything that is came and related to punk music.
Punk Globe: Tell us about the music scene in Jakarta?
Rizkan: The music here growing so fast and various. But it still tend to following the trend. As much as I can say that mostly for the kids here (especially at the capital cities) are about ever listened to the cutting edge tunes and they recognize the band who sing the song. Well I can prove that many of the 'pengamen'(street musician) now sing the song of punk rock bands like Bunga Hitam or even Marjinal. Well I don't even know how this is going but it is the fact.
Punk Globe: Does the label ever present any concerts in Jakarta?
Rizkan: Of course yes. For example the big one like Have Heart and No Use For a Name which the show is held by a punk rock label named HitNRun. And also like some of the local label held a family tour.
Punk Globe: What is the Radio like there? Do they support punk, pop, rockabilly, grindcore, metal music?
Rizkan: I can say that radio here is friendly right now. In the capital cities usually the radio share some space for the cutting edge music. So the band and label usually put their tracks there. This situation is really different from few past years ago where the radio seems so picky to put like extreme and edgy music to the list. So it is also become the reason why the music here growing so fast.
Punk Globe: We have interviewed my pal Barmy from Antiseptic and also my good friend Rabind Rawks are you familiar with either of them?
Rizkan: Of course we know them :) . Antiseptic is a legend here. Every punk rock fans in Indonesia shall know them. They are the first punk band ever in Indonesia and we do owe them so much.
Punk Globe: Is it right that the music you release is only available on the Internet?
Rizkan: Uuummm... Yup for the public. But we also print some CD-R to the local scenesters and the stocks are very limited. The CD itself formed as a monthly catalogue and it contains the releases of a month. But we also have a plan for releasing the year catalogue which contains the releases from the past one year and it will be free for public.
Punk Globe: Do you also sell CD's ?
Rizkan: Nope. I don't think its not too hard for us to sell the hard copy CD cause I see many of the kids here are also sincere for the scene. I mean like they are really happy for purchasing the bands CD as a proof that they support the band. But beside that thing, we also got a real big problem for the label especially. It's Piracy. Piracy is out of sane here. It really put the label into a hard level.
Punk Globe: Was it hard for you to get StoneAge Records started?
Rizkan: Yes it is. Escpecially for the financial lol. We still lack of funds for printing the catalogue and buying the domain for the site. And also the kids here haven't recognized about netlabel and the concept. So we still have to doing some effort like spreading the message through the groups or like making the flyers and invitations at our accounts like Facebook and MySpace.
Punk Globe: Tell us who you have released on the label so far?
Rizkan: So far we have released some bands like StoneAgeRock(a pop punk band from west Jakarta which influenced by the sound of new school one like Set Your Goals) Then we have Train Hartnet(a youth crew act from Bandung city which blend the old school like Gorilla Biscuits into the new school one like Good Clean Fun),Rise(a positive hardcore band from Malang which is deep and persuasive in lyrics),Last Action Hero(a fast paced melodic hardcore band which fuse Strung Out's energy and Rise Against's intensity), and our currently release is from Take It Back(the finest skate thrash act ever).
Punk Globe: Are you accepting any new submissions from bands?
Rizkan: Of course we accept submissions from bands. And we are expecting for it lol.
Punk Globe: Can you give us the Internet address for StoneAge Records?
Rizkan: Yes, for the MySpace you check us at http://www.myspace.com/stoneagercs , for the Facebook you can search the name 'Stone Age' then you can check our blog for downloading the albums at http://stoneagerecords.blogspot.com/
Punk Globe: Tell us what is in store for 2010 for StoneAge Records?
Rizkan: We have a plan for making a first compilation and also this compilation is dedicated for the campaign support of Punk 4 The Homeless. Just pray us that it would be released on June :). And last but not least is A free yearly catalogue.
Punk Globe: Punk Globe would like to thank you very much for the interview any last words for the readers?
Rizkan: You are very welcome Ginger :) . DOWNLOAD OUR RELEASES AND SHARE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS hahaha... next releases ahead will be Leg to Decay (a hardcore metal act from Medan) :).
Punk Globe would like to thank Rizkanfor the great interview and wish StoneAge Records all