State, Nightbringer, and CL1 Live at Woodchucks Toledo, Ohio 3/12/11
By: Michael Rys
CL1 fly the 419 ( area code for Toledo)flag proudly and while they feature that theme proudly their music is something all of us can identify with no matter what the area code.Street punk rock n roll with a bit of Oi throw in. Sing along anthems about living the struggles,the wins,the losses and the family and friends there to catch you when you fall.Sam Potts ( bass & vocals),Eric Kinney ( guitar and vocals) and Andy Suter lay down their live sets even better than the Cd's they have cranked out and the Cd's are great. Ive seen this band many times now, headlining and opening. No matter what you get the same enthusiasm from the band time and time again.These guys live performances are like that truck you get into every morning,loud,fast, and barrel through anything. The highlights of their set for me is always LAC and this time the souped up version of Drinking Class Hero's

Here is clip from CL1's set
Nightbringer a four piece unit from Ann Arbor Mi, and Toledo Ohio play a brand of hardcore punk that's not easily nailed down.Ive often compared them to Inepsy and Motorhead but that's a lazy mans comparison. I have not seen them perform live in well over a year too.Judging by the bands performance they have grown well beyond my earlier comparisons. Not that they still don't wear those influences on their sonic sleeves, they do. But, song wise there is more going on than just the beat you over the head bass n drums of Ian(bass) and Graham( drums),there is much more going on with Andy's (Guitar-vocals)than the overwhelming raw attack,more subtle control of feedback with longer more eerier sounding notes,its exciting to hear the progression this band has already made in that one year since seeing them last.Lenny the bands vocalist seem much more of stage presence now than he was a year ago not only with more vocal power but with command and engaging the audience.30-40 minuets set time is never enough for me,i could have easily been happy with 90. Nightbringer is one of the Midwest's most aggressive and powerful bands if you can pick up any of the 7 inchers or Cd's or Eps floating around you definitely want to check them out. And...don't miss any chance to see them live. Favorite ripping tunes of the evening was No Sleep Till Death and 31st ,a song about Lenny grandmothers old neighborhood in Detroit which my wife and I also grew up in.

And a clip from Nightbringer
State, hardcore punk legends from Ann Arbor Michigan hit the stage with all the fury Ive come to expect from them. Kier on drums and Jeff on bass really are the back bone of it all.I say this because they keep the chaos which is Art 's guitar riffing from spinning out of control and right off the planet.This guy, I swear if Jimi Hendrix ever joined a punk band he would sound like Art. Never have I ever heard a punk guitarist who so heavily rips the blues and phsydelica riffs like he does.. But it works don't ask me how but it does and its one of the things that sets them apart from most.Preston's vocals remain mindblowingly powerful, hard to believe he's been at this since the early 80's and still has it.The stage presence is every bit as menacing and intense as ever too.They play their classic like No Illusions and All Wrong ( one of my personal favorites) but unlike alot of older acts these days they don't rely on them wither not afraid to play the newer song either. My faves for the evening were All Wrong, their version of State Violence, State Control, and Vixen. Do your self a favor if you have not heard State before and pick up a release or two your missing out not only on some great punk history but some wicked new music too.

Clip from State
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