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Spoiled Rotten are a  three piece band hailing  from Hamilton Canada and  have been entertaining us since the early 90's as Absent Minded Professors and The Retardz. In June of 1996, to avoid any confusion with other bands using the same name - they decided to changed their name to Spoiled Rotten

Their label AMP  Records named after their original band  inception Absent Minded Professors. With over 75 releases to date they are a force to be reckoned with.   I was lucky enough to get Larry Retard  to sit down and  answer a few questions in between his busy schedule recording the new Spoiled Rotten  release and running AMP Records....I hope you enjoy the interview.  

PUNK GLOBE:  Could you please list the current members of Spoiled Rotten? And how long has this lineup been together?

[Larry- AMP Records] Spoiled Rotten are: Larry Retard- guitar/vocals; Pete Nihilist- drums; JT Magnet- bass/vocals. This current lineup has been solid for the past 4 years.

PUNK GLOBE:  Larry- You are the band's driving force and the only original member of Spoiled Rotten. Could you please give us the 411 on the band?

[AMP Records] Spoiled Rotten are all about the tunes, our motto is “If it doesn’t stick in your head the first time…then it is no good!”. We try to write catchy melodic songs that will make you want to tap your foot and bop your head. Live, the energy just pours out…

PUNK GLOBE:  Your original drummer Candy Rotten was also a long fixture right? Was it hard finding Pete to take over drumming chores?

[AMP Records] After many years with Candy (93-2002) it was time to progress, we were developing musically and just needed some more power…she is a great drummer though…solid. Pete is an amazing drummer, knows just when and how to hit the drums to make that hook in a song jump out at you.

PUNK GLOBE:  So the Band's name Spoiled Rotten has evolved from The Absent Minded Professors and The Retardz?

[AMP Records] Correct, Absent Minded Professors (AMP Records was the initials) we were just a bunch of drunks and pot smoking, the Retardz, more drunkenness and more talent. Spoiled Rotten started in June of 1996 after there was numerous bands with the Retardz name…local papers would not print the Retardz name even, until Howard Stern mentioned us in an interview he was doing for a Toronto radio show…

PUNK GLOBE: What was the bands name when you released your famous " What Did You Expect For A Buck" Cassette?

[AMP Records] the Retardz, some copies were blank, some were not, didn’t really have time to see if music was on all the tapes.

PUNK GLOBE:  What do you each remember about the first gig you played with Spoiled Rotten?

[AMP Records]  The first Spoiled Rotten gigs was at the Side Door Receiving. It was a garage with a studio and living space. We rented a PA, got a couple other local bands to play, about 100 people, lots of drunkenness, and the floors were covered with booze. BYOB.

PUNK GLOBE: In what year did you change the band's name to Spoiled Rotten?

[AMP Records] We changed the name in June of 1996.

PUNK GLOBE:  Can you describe the band with four words?

[AMP Records]  High Energy Speed  Punk’n’Roll

PUNK GLOBE:  Who are Spoiled Rotten's influences???

[AMP Records] Ramones, Sex Pistols, Death Metal, Elvis, Wildhearts, Godfathers(uk), Clash, Dead Kennedys,  Queen, Slade, early 50’s rock and roll, and basically anything that rocks,

PUNK GLOBE: How about touring? Tell the readers about some of your most memorable tours .

[AMP Records] Back in 1996 Spoiled Rotten did our first tour to the east coast (NY and Boston), played one of the last shows at he RAT, cool show, lot’s of Mohawks and such…In 2003 we did a 10 date tour of the east coast again, hitting CBGB’s for the first time, that was cool, played with the Real Kids in Boston, and broke down in New Jersey in front of Silent Bob’s Comic Book store…in Long Island we played in Amityville at a video arcade with some kids, the  promoter smoked about 4 packs of cigarettes doing the couple hours we were there…unbelievable…

PUNK GLOBE: Where in The USA have you toured?

[AMP Records] NY state, New Jersey, Mass, Maine, Conn.

PUNK GLOBE: Fill the readers in about a show you played in Toronto that a riot broke out when you played "White Riot" by The Clash.

[AMP Records] Back in 1997/98 we ended our set with White Riot, cool cover, ended up with a bunch of punks fighting, starting to throw bottles around and chairs, some even through the bar window, we got banned from there…for about 2 years…the Corktown it was called.

PUNK GLOBE: In what year did you start AMP Records and are all the band involved with running the label?

[AMP Records] AMP Records started in 1997, out of boredom with the music scene…AMP Records is basically run out of my office in the house. Pete does the website and write ups.  

 PUNK GLOBE: You have accomplished  quite alot with AMP Records!  Tell the readers some of bands on AMP Records?

[AMP Records] We have worked with the Hymans, Manges, Kowalskis, Vapids, and many more, mostly unknown bands, with great sounds. Best to go to the website and see what is there. Over 75 CD’s released to date.

PUNK GLOBE:  I believe when White Trash Debutantes were originally in touch with you in the 90's you were using the name  Larry Retard.

[AMP Records] Since 1989 I have had the name of Larry Retard, not even sure how it came about, other than someone asking what my name was during an interview and me wisecracking…

PUNK GLOBE: What about the Spoiled Rotten CD "Guitared"

[AMP Records] Guitarded was a great tuneful CD, one to be proud of…it sold fairly well, and got some GREAT reviews, all over the world.

PUNK GLOBE:  Can you tell us about your new release "Steal your Girlfriend?"

[AMP Records] Steal Your Girlfriend is the latest CD that is being releasing June 1st on AMP Records and Woimasointu Records in Finland. 21 songs in 31 minutes…a little more faster than the last CD, but just as hooky…

PUNK GLOBE: I really appreciate that you are playing as my backup band for this year's Toronto Pride.. I am sure it will KICK MAJOR ASS!!

[AMP Records] It is going to be quite the show for all…not to be missed, hopefully someone with video the show…

PUNK GLOBE: Do you have any final words?  Thanks so much for the Interview!

[AMP Records] in the words of Mickey DeSadist, Rock and Roll is a hard life…it only gets better with age…

 Thanks so much Larry  see you soon in Canada!!!!!!!!



AMP Records
153 Balsam Ave. South
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada   L8M 3B6

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