"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Spirit of 77
By: Spider Mahone
spirit of 77 never far from your head
listening to the pistols while smoking in ya bed
the music revolution was great in your teens
dressing up, looking the part, looking feckin mean
the haircuts, the piercings, wearing all the clobber
hearing the clash sing my daddy was a bank robber
was a time for growing up, a time for youth to rebel
watching all the news reels, giving your parents hell
it was a time to break the rules, for us to make a stand
was a time for being young, discovering great bands
pistols, ramones, the buzzcocks all wetting our appitite
broken strings, knackered gear it was always sounding right
joe and the clash leading the way, getting to the top
there was no way in hell, these guys were going to stop
the pistols on tv swearing at bill grundy
oh the shock, the horror, one early evening monday
it wasn't about establishment, a one off, a fashion
it was all about a spirit, a following a passion
30 odd years on, all grown up with our cares
if you look closely, your find the spirit is still there