Southern Sexual
"In A Failing Third World Nation" [CD]
by Carl Macki

Angie Shlonk (guitar, vocals)

Warren America (vocals, electronics)
Album features guest appearances by

Miss Kitty Baudoin, Lynn Drury, MC Shellshock and Robin Beach.

Song List

Earthquake Weather
Watch New Orleans Die
Phat Disaster Ass
Swing Club (with MC Shellshock)
Sexy Single Mom
Go-Go Voodoos
(with Robin Beach and Miss Kitty Baudoin)
Crying On Mardi Gras
(with Miss Kitty Baudoin)
Teenage Crime*Star
You Don't Say

It is may be hard to be upbeat about the state of New Orleans.  Maybe it is easier to be sexual about it. And that's what's hard about it, though this band tries.  From beginning to end this electropunk near-masterpiece drives toward both a primal home and a communal orgasm.

Sometimes they get too hard, resulting in bathos.  That may be intentional, Take for instance, their ditty about visiting a swing club:

". . .party with the swingers, buncha nervous old breeders
greasy voyeurs and tube snake eaters
we threw down a nast-tay S&M demo
they took us round back to the pimped out limo
we wanted some gak, all they had was Cialis
"Weʼre done with that crap, yʼall need it in Dallas"
they didnʼt like that, couldnʼt be cool nʼ hangout
weʻre all like, "dude donʼt be pulling that thang out"
went to a swing club, Iʼm friends with the owner
heʼs got a real dream job: king of the boners
I wasnʼt into this dumb looking logger
his wife was almost hot, I wanted to flog her
she wasnʼt into that she kinda liked some Dale
heʼs God knows where with his buddy from jail
heʼd met a tight little red head tranny
she gave him her number, at her grannyʼs in Miami
Swing Club, we stayed and we stayed
weʼre the finest there and still couldnʼt get laid."

Warren America wrote the lyrics for all the songs and they are mighty fine. Of course, both swing, I mean wing, on if you check this out, you are in for a rollicking time. Samples on their myspace site, you may buy the album there or at the website.


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