March 2017


Sons Of Revolutiony
Review By: Europe

Track Listing:

1. I Feel Like Crying
2. I’m Falling
3. I’m Coming Home
4. Wasted Youth
5. Stonewood
6. No Way Out
7. Rebel For A Day
8. Grace Slide

Italian group, Sons of Revolution drag their audience kicking and screaming through classic rock tunes that echo the 60s & 70s. Like a cross between Rival Sons and Led Zeppelin, they are a touch that never stings with tunes that caresses and cajoles. With their feet planted firmly in the blues rock category but their heads heading into the future, their sound is at the center of an perfect triangle with the points being such luminaries as the Rolling Stones, Black Keys and Jane’s Addiction.

Sons of Revolution’s first album, simply called Sons of Revolution, reflects all the band’s influences including Jack White, Gary Clark jr, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Rival Sons and Rage Against the Machine. It’s a genuine piece of rock, played and recorded live with very few overdubs. The album was recorded in central Italy at NoiseLab Studio by Sergio Pomante who has a true underground rock’n’roll attitude which allowed the band to play without inhibitions. They spent a couple of months with producer Umberto Palazzo (Massimo Volume/Santo Niente) in pre-production, at the same time playing and honing the album in their live concerts. The final mastering was made by Domenico Pulsinelli at New Bess Studio.


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