"The First Two Years"
Label: Seven inch Records

By: Lisa Booth
Find them over on You Tube and check out their video:

You can also Check out Seven inch Records Bio, & info about the band at: http://www.seveninchrecords.com/new/solutions.html or at www.stonecobras.blogspot.com/

Unfortunately, I haven't found the band on Facebook, so I suggest they get them self one asap to get in more fans! But here is their myspace. www.myspace.com/solutionsmusic

I am proud to introduce this Band 'Solutions' They are a 4 piece Punk Rock band from Cardiff Wales, UK. The current band members of Solutions are: Nicky Williams on Guitar & Vocal, Rhys Pearce on Guitar & Vocal, Andrew Edwards on Bass & Vocal, Robin Williams on Drums & Vocal

The Band have been together since 2008 and have received lots of air play through BBC Radio Wales and Live Sessions at Music Box in Cardiff,

The 17 Track CD I received in the mail from Seven Inch Records is Brilliant, I liked it alot... and I sure will be keeping an eye on this band!

It has Very Strong Vocals, with a crisp clear sound meshing through the whole CD. The sound is very professional. and this band clearly know what they re doing with their music. It's Sound has a hint of The Manic Street Preachers But with a Punk Twist. which is Great! I cant quite put my finger on who they sound like, they have their own originality.

I have played the CD many times, it has different sounds running through the different tracks, and I liked every song on this CD, It is Rare that I come across a CD that i can rave on about and this CD is one of them in that list...

Go check out the band and Their Sounds, get their CD and enjoy it as much as I did!