March 2017


Smash Into Pieces
"Rise and Shine"
CD Review By: Ginger Coyote

Turn It Down
Let Me Be Your Superhero
Merry Go Round
Save It For The Living
In Love With Love
Rise And Shine

Smash Into Pieces from Sweden have released their third album Rise and Shine and upon listening to it I could not believe the lead singer Benjamin Jennebo was Swedish... When singing he sounds so American... The metal is old school but done good... Slightly remind me a bit of Journey.. Apparently a sound that is in demand they will be touring the USA and Canada soon..Here you can pre-listen to their new album RISE AND SHINE (Includes the singles HIGHER, MERRY GO ROUND AND YOLO ) OBS:
GAIN/SONYMUSIC LINC: http://www.gain.se/index.php?cID=142


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