May 2017


Slug Pit
Ep Review By: Lisa Lunney

Slug Pit, a self described superhero girl gang, hit the Nashville music scene this March with their first release, Slugger. A 4 track EP by the trio, full of hard hitting lyrics and drum beats. Each track runs strong and fierce. Great vocals paired with a band that truly has talent.

The band has hints of Concrete Blonde, L7 and The Ravenettes. Sounds you can connect to, that leave you waiting for more.

The band is comprised of Sarah “Scarer” Vardy (guitar, backup vocals), Andi Sylvester (drums, backup vocals), and Megan “Raygun” Dillard (lead vocals, bass). The trio released their EP in late March at Charlie Bob’s (a beloved indie venue) alongside Philadelphia indie darlings, Secret Nudist Friends.

Lead singer, Raygun, says the band is “an unstoppable force of surf rock and girl power.” With an LP in the works and tour plans for later in the year, Slug Pit is a band to keep an eye on.

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