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By: Ginger Coyote


I recently began corresponding with Tim from Slick 46 on My Space and really enjoyed his bands music.. Finding out that they were from Australia even made them more interesting.. So I asked if they would be interested in doing an  interview. So the following interview was done with Paul and Tim of Slick 46.. I hope you enjoy....
Punk Globe:  How did you come up with your  band's name - Slick 46?
 It actually came off the back of a Frankfurt packet. You cant read into it much.
Punk Globe: Tell me who is who in Slick 46 and what they play?
With this particular band we've kept it to a 3 piece, its a lot easier as far as touring and what not. The members are


Paul Mumford- Drums
Tim Mumford- Guitar/ Vox
Owen Dwyer- Bass/ Vox


Punk Globe: Is it true you have been together since 1998?
Punk Globe: Any member changes since 98'?
Yes the original bass player Joe King (that actually is his real name) only played with us for the first 12 months and left to get married and that's when Owen joined.
Punk Globe: I really like your sound you remind me of a band out of Baltimore, Maryland called The Reticents..  You should check them out on My Space. Who are your influences?
Our influences are mainly British and varied. Bands such as the Beatles, Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam, The Clash and CockSParrer.
Punk Globe: You are from Melbourne right? Is that where you originally came from?
No were originally from a city called wagga wagga. We basically relocated to Melbourne cause it fitted in better with touring and cut down on our traveling.
Punk Globe:  What is the scene like in Australia in a whole ? Are there a lot of places to play?
The punk scene as per everywhere is divided and as in the states Australia doesn't have many punk labels, the media doesn't want to have anything to do with it so it is very small. There is a fair few venues to play but as you would appreciate Australia is large and there is large distances between cities so it makes touring very expensive.
Punk Globe: I understand that you are gathering quite a following in Australia. How did you get invited to play The Wasted Festival? 
As the band has been around for a long time and been on the road a hell of a lot, we have gathered a decent following i suppose, i haven't stopped to think about it to tell you the truth. We were really lucky with wasted it was a great lineup and we were contacted by the promoter and asked to play, it was a privilege.
Punk Globe: I bet you were all excited to play Wasted..
Its not everyday that you get to play alongside Peter and the Testtube Babies, Beerzone and alongside punk bands from every corner of Australia. It was a fucken ripper.
Punk Globe:  I read that you have 3 EP'S out . Are they on a label ?
As I mentioned above, Australia doesn't have much label interest in punk at all, so most punk bands are independent and usually get distribution only through bigger labels, such as MGM records. That's basically the best you can do here.
Punk Globe: Is it hard to get radio airplay in Australia? I know when my band the White Trash Debutantes released 'Bill Dakota' on Alternative Tentacles we got alot of mail from Australia..
No its not hard to get airplay in Australia, there are a lot of community stations that have punk shows.
Punk Globe: I also read you are working on a full length! How many tracks? Will it be on a label?
Yeah with this one we saved up a bit more cash so that we could spend a bit more time in the studio and do a full length CD. Were really fuckin happy with it, there's 13 tracks of utter bullshit, ha ha. Currently at the moment were in the process of organizing a record deal for the US.

Punk Globe: Do you have a release date set ?
Not at the moment, it will be released in Australia in early march and later on for you guys to coincide with our follow up USA tour.
Punk Globe: Tell us about your best show so far in your career?
Its really hard to pinpoint one show as the band has played hundreds of shows. Some highlights would be finally getting to play with good friends of ours- the Pheonix City Muggers. Some of the best shows that we've found over the years are the ones that you think are going to be the biggest load of shit- and are often the gems that you remember, such as small towns that you tour through, as you guys would have over there the small redneck towns around are sometimes surprising as to how well you go down and how much fun you have there.
Punk Globe: You have already played in the USA once.. Was it a full coast to coast tour or was it just in the West Coast?  
That tour was only the West Coast but we will be following it up next year with a West and East Coast tour.
Punk Globe: Is it true one of members of your band took advantage of the Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas and got married ?
Yep Paul our drummer married his sweetheart at Graceland Chapel, the morning after the last show on tour, everyone was feeling a little seedy...had to sober up for that one.
Punk Globe: How did that tour go? Where did you play your best show?
All the shows were great, seriously it was great to play somewhere different to a different crowd. We got some good reactions, which is surprising as you guys don't really seem to be into street punk at all.
Punk Globe: I understand that you are coming back to  America  again. When and where will you be playing?
At the moment everything is hinging on the release of the new record. It will be around July/ August, the same as last year, but there's no dates as yet.

Punk Globe: Have you toured to any other Countries?
No, as I said before because of the distances between cities in Australia the cost incurred in touring Australia doesn't leave much time or money to tour anywhere else. At the moment were looking at going to the US, Europe and maybe the Philippines.
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers your Website and My Space addresses so they can check you out...


You can also get our CDs through or
Punk Globe: I have to ask you this.. Have you played Porpoise Spit and did Rhonda, Muriel Hesslop and Dame Edna come check you out?? Did you play 'Waterloo' for them?
Fuck yeah, their our biggest fans, some sexy bitches... how can you resist that purple hair it gives me the horn. The drummer actually lives near the Dames house in Moonee Ponds (a suburb in Melbourne). I'm surprised Americans actually got that humor, for your readers you should look up an Australian movie called The Castle and one called Kenny, get a bit of Australia up ya.
Punk Globe: Ant last comments you may like add to this interview? Good luck with your Full Length and upcoming tour?
Thank you for the opportunity for the interview, we'll let you know when the tour dates are confirmed. Don't drink all that crappy weak American beer, leave some Pabst for us. You guys can keep your cheese though.
Over and out
Slick 46
Punk Globe would like to thank Slick 46 for a fun informative interview... Be sure to check out their Website and My Space site.. Slick 46 rock and you will be happy you checked them out... Good luck on your upcoming tour of the USA Tim and Paul...