Filmed and Recorded Live 
At Queen's Hall, Nuneaton, 7th December 2005

DVD Review by Ginger Coyote

Slaughter and The Dogs


1.  Twist & Turn

2. Who Are The Mystery Girls

3.  Runaway

4. Welcome To Our Towm

5.  Blow

6.  Hell In New York

7.  Situations

8.  Iím Waiting For My Man

9.  Iím Mad

10.  Youíre A Bore

11.  Boston Babies

12.  The Bitch

13. Quick Joey Small

14Johnny T

15.  Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone

16. Cranked Up Really High


Dream Catcher / Secret  Films
A Division of Secret Records



PAL (all regions)

Of all the DVD's I received this was the band I had not seen live 

but was very impressed by their performance on the DVD..

I really enjoyed the tracks "Twist and Turn", "Blow", "You're a Bore", 

"The Bitch", The NY Dolls/ David Johansen's  own "Who Are The Mystery Girls",  

and Lou Reed's "Waiting For My Man," "Where Have All The Boot Boy's Gone," 

and, of course "Cranked Up Really High" ... 

When you watch this DVD, do just that -- CRANK IT UP REALLY HIGH..............

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