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Speaks With Pamela Torres
Last month, I got to catch a very special interview with the members of Skif Dank, an aggressve ska band that overcame a break-up and personal tragedy to rock the South Florida music scene. Here's what the quartet had to say:
PUNK GLOBE: Okay! Now to get things on the right track, please introduce yourselves. Who are the members of Skif Dank?
SKIF D: We are Billy, Marc, Jon, Jeff & Michele!
PUNK GLOBE: Where does the name Skif Dank come from?
SKIF D: It's an old family name. No!...Billy wanted two odd words that had nothing to do with each other together.
PUNK GLOBE:Besides Bob Marley, what other bands or artists influenced your sound?
SKIF D: Our sound stems from 2 guys into old heavy metal and reggae trying to play a weird fat version of jazz, pop, ska and punk.
PUNK GLOBE: I read on your myspace page that Skif Dank originally formed in the mid-90's when grunge dominated the airwaves but disbanded in the year 2000. What happened during that time and what made you get back together?
SKIF D: When we disbanded in 2000, our drummer went and played with the Independents, managed at the time by Joey Ramone for a year and then joined the Florida based green Goblyn Project. Our singer/guitarist reformed the band for a little bit with some old friends (and no horn players) until one of the members died. A memorial show was played and the founding members of the band decided to regroup. Shortly after that, another band member was killed and again, the band decided to forge ahead.
PUNK GLOBE: I'm so sorry for your tragic losses. I had heard you are working on a 3rd album. Is that true?
SKIF D: Yes, we've been working on a 3rd album for awhile... we have recently released on a limited basis 2 new e.p's with some of those songs, as our computer died with the other songs on it and...well, were writing new songs instead of dealing with that right now.
PUNK GLOBE:Where can punk and reggae fans find your other CDs?
SKIF D: You can get our old CDs from us, or from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/skifdank
PUNK GLOBE:Will you guys be doing more shows later this year?
SKIF D: More shows will happen this yeah. Our drummer was hit by a car a few years ago and needed arm surgery last year, so that slowed us up a bit...but we hope to be back on tour this year!
PUNK GLOBE: Are there any last words you'd like to say to the Punk Globe readers?
SKIF D: Keep Rockin!! Thank you!! http://www.myspace.com/skifdank