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Skelp Records
By: Ginger Coyote
Sophie's Dance
Live Wire Reaction
The Girl's Are Gone
Hard To Come By
Oil To blood
Your Story
Teenage Toys
In Ruins
What's In Between
Seasonal Crash
Memories Keep Changing
Skelp was formed in September of 1995 by singer/guitarist Dave McEwan and bassist Ted Watts. Ted Watts was invited by his friend and former band mate, Steve Lewis, to jam with some enigmatic Scotsman in his Alexandria home. The Scotsman turned out to be Dave McEwan from the D.C. based band Belfire. McEwan, a Glasgow native, had recently emigrated from London to D.C. While in London, he performed with several bands including The Plague and Psychedelic Hearse. Present also on this night was drummer, Ben Cross. 1996 was a busy year of gigging. By the end of the year, guitarist Steve Lewis had left the band, Skelp continued to operate as a power trio. Dave McEwan seems to be a very nice guy who does a good job with the media doing follow up. Very impressive!!

" Volume" was recorded in August, 2011 at Cue Recording studios in VA. Skelp is a band that muses between its two singer songwriters McEwan and Watts, but at its core is a song driven, punk rock band with pop sensibilities. The band has been compared to The Jam, The Clash , Husker Du and The Afghan Whigs.

The tracks on Volume cover a wide array of topics and experiences of one- David McEwan. Topics include squatting in London, drug abuse and hooking, religion, city life vs. the suburbs, war, love, life and death. Musically the CD takes the listener on a journey through each adventure, from the heavy tracks such as Hard to Come By, Destroyer and Live Wire Reaction, to the subtle Girls are Gone, Seasonal Crash, Teenage Toys, In Ruins and Your Story and on to the full head on fury of Sophie's Dance, Oil to Blood and What's In Between, ending with a sonic eruption in Memories Keep Changing.