The Devil At My Side (EP)
Sinking Spells
by Carl Macki

Neil DeRosa-- Drums/Vocals
Phil Magnus (Paicopolos)  -- Bass/Vocals/Keys
Robb Buckley -- Vocals/Guitars/Keys

Track List
Cursed In Collinwood
The Devil At My Side
Wake At Twilight
Bleeding Out throbbing out

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The Sinking Spells from Salem, MA . conjure an EP entitled "The Devil At My Side". It looks real. How long will it last?

Passionate yet lyrical hardcore Goth rock you say? ha it is much more from this band. They hail from Salem, Massachusetts that bewitched spot swirling in the cauldron of American history. 

It is also close to, but not exactly-- the environs and stomping ground for famed cult author and illustrator Edward Gorey, who is 1964 published a work of nonsense called "Sinking Spell."

Gorey, among his many talents, wrote music for the punk band The Freeze, started by Clif Hanger.

So Sinking Spells has a cool pedigree for its name. As for what that has to do with the Devil, well Gorey wrote silly macabre stories and illustrated them so expertly, that he was called to illustrate books way out of his genre such as Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, by the poet T.S. Eliot. (As a Harvard undergrad student, Grey roomed with the poet Frank O'Hara.)

This is a varied and vital piece of music that may amaze and surprise, even as one runs into the predictable. I hear Bauhaus i hear many influences, influence, oh I don't know that may only be the devil talking.

I can't make out the lyrics to be able to say whether they have anything to do with that, except that they seem to sing about their various trouble. Musically the album is quite fine. Possibly Satan has been a positive influence on their sound, just like, so the legend goes, the great blues guitarist Robert Johnson.

Multiple personalities, demons, they don't matter, the band is fun, moon and darkness fun. They deserve a break, before they have a nervous breakdown.  

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