By: Ban Tasers
"Hey, Teabaggers. You wanted government out of your life. Instead, you got Gov. Rick Scott's mandatory drug testing plan. Way to go!"
(-Alan Grayson)

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"
(– Epicurus)

“The richest 1% took $7 of every $100 of America’s income in 1980. They have increased that to $20 of every $100 today. In just one generation they’ve TRIPLED their cut of the pie.”
(– Paul Buchheit, Common Dreams)

"The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress ... The captains of industry did not lead this transformation; they resisted it until they were overcome."
(–Martin Luther King, Jr., 1965)

"This will sound extreme to some people, but I came to it reluctantly. I fear what they're doing… in their design is setting the crown for a corporate state…. And by that I mean a rather small but very powerful circle of financial institutions the old Wall Street banks, famous names. But also some industrial corporations… Too big to fail. Yes, watched closely by the Federal Reserve and others in government, but also protected by them… The leading banks and corporations are sort of at the trough, ahead of everybody else in Washington, they will have the means to monopolize democracy. And I mean that literally. Some of my friends would say, hey, that already happened…. The corporate state is here…. The fact is, if the Congress goes down the road I see them going down, they will institutionalize the corporate state in a way that will be severely damaging to any possibility of restoring democracy."
(-William Greider)

"His lines may be better delivered, but Barack Obama is sounding – and acting – more like the heir to George W. Bush than the answer sold to the public in his award-winning ad campaign. Indeed, when not sending billions of dollars to repressive governments across the globe, the great liberal hope is authorizing deadly drone strikes and military campaigns in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and now, in his most morally righteous war yet, Libya. Strutting out to a podium before an audience of uniformed military personnel – wonder where he got that idea from – a confident, some would say cocky, American president offered a fierce albeit belated speech justifying another preemptive war against a country that posed no threat to the United States. And if you closed your eyes, you could almost hear that faux-Texas drawl."
(-Medea Benjamin CODE PINK)

"The fundamental injustice of this budget is staggering: Albany has delivered a Bush-era tax cut to the richest people in the state, and paid for it by hurting children, students, the elderly, the working class and the middle class."
(– Barbara Bowen, president, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY)

"Day after day, the media and government ignore an ongoing national tragedy: a tsunami of foreclosures is still sweeping millions of Americans out of their homes. But one remarkable grandmother this month refused to go quietly. A modern day Rosa Parks, her courage may well spark a national movement ... The time has come in the United States where we all must be brave like the volunteers of Take Back the Land, where we all must be eviction defenders."
(– Van Jones and Marianne Manilov)

"Forty-three years ago my father, Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated while he was in Memphis, Tenn., supporting a strike of municipal sanitation workers ... These are the same basic reasons that my father would be joining with millions of other Americans today in supporting public employees in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and other states, where collective bargaining is now under attack."
(-Martin Luther King III)

"You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed. We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!"
(-Jesse Ventura)
"You got somethin' to hide, Debt-Slave?"
One, in every one hundred and ten kids, is born with Autism, now. Those families bankrupt themselves, struggling to get their kids a good education, agonizing over the cruel expectation that they be institutionalized. Most all parents of Autistic kids get divorced. The doctors and media are clearly, in cahoots with the big-pharma vaccine-makers, insisting the vaccines, have nothing to do with it. This insanely venal and fully nefarious, rightwing tool in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, has immediately cut all funding to people with Downs Syndrome, Autism, etc., and probably wants to exterminate them all in the secret FEMA camps. He looks like a deranged clown, but he is a dangerous predator. This guy is evil like Dick Cheney, evil like Scrooge, like Mister Burns, like Old Scratch. It's bad enough, that unscrupulous, for-profit, insurance companies, and big corporations, operate all the regulatory agencies. Now, these nazi governors are slashing all social-services, with the help of the deceptive and complicit, Republic-rats, like Obama. Pumping all that Mercury and metal into tiny bodies is supposed to be good for them. It's hard not to hate an all-out, insistent hate-monger, like Ann Coulter, who goes on TV, and tells people that radiation is good for them. The phony Dem in the White House bought the neo-cons time, to expand their world-domination agenda, and to build more jails, and death-camps, like Gitmo. Deep down, I knew during Obama's campaign, that something was fishy, about this no-name Senator rising so quickly, out of nowhere, 'all his campaign speeches as carefully contrived, focus-grouped, choreographed, and saturation-marketed as a Garth Brooks performance. On the same night Obama gave his latest teleprompted, pro-war speech about bombing another brown-skinned nation for oil, to an unbelievably gullible population, Bush Senior, was seated amidst the other living former presidents, while Garth Brooks sang Bill Withers "Lean On Me", with a gospel choir, and they all did some public relations back-slappin' about the Bush and Clinton charities, and Bill Clinton talked about how sweet Bush Senior is. What a guy. He still can't recall what he was doing the day Kennedy was killed. They've been doing this media tour, revising history, claiming thry all did a good job supplying New Orleans, and Haiti with humanitarian-aid, after the disasters. Senior stayed seated, while all the others would rise in standing ovations. The capo dei capi ...on the throne.

The great investigative journalist, Jeremy Scahill, says the newest bullshit war, on Libya, was just the usual shootin' fish in a barrel--the "cruise missile liberals" of the Obama administration, needed a fifth war to satiate their military industrial complex bosses, and distract the masses from the collapsed economy-all the chain stores that are going out of business, B. Dalton, Borders, Quiznos, Movie Gallery, Blockbuster, etc. etc.; the ongoing cover-up of B.P./Halliburton's eco-crimes in the Gulf; and all these the big corporations-like Koch Industries, Blackwater, and G.E., who can hire lobbyists to pen all the model-legislation, but pay no taxes, etc. He calls Quadaffi "low hanging fruit". Nader, Napolitano, Kucinich, Ventura, Ellsberg, Chomsky, Sheehan, Ann Wright, and many others, are all agreeing that Obama is seamlessly continuing Bush/Cheney war crimes. PFC Bradley Manning is still being treated like a Muslim, by his State Department captors, under Obama. TV programmed Americans would rather discuss Snooki, the Situation, Gary Busey, and Meatloaf, on "The Apprentice". No wonder Donald Trump thinks he's got as good a shot, as anybody, in the next election-cycle...especially since Obama shattered all that hope for change. Dr. Cornel West calls Obama, "A puppet of the oligarchs". Kucinich says, "impeachable". Nader straight-up says, "continuing war crimes". What does Jello Biafra say? I dunno, he's been blacklisted by the big-media, and one of his band mates says he "doesn't do e-mail", but he released an album called, "The Audacity Of Hype", so one suspects he saw through the Brand Obama marketing-hoax before some of the rest of us. Obama asserts he has the authority to imprison someone for life, even if a jury finds them innocent of any crime. China does not have the audacity to assert anything quite that fascist.

Many folks don't even recognize how identical Obama is to Bush. It's all a big greasy wheel of extortion, covert operations, and public relations. If the Koch brothers bus two hundred employees somewhere to "protest" health care, there is 'round-the-clock media coverage, first, by FOX, but all the rest, promptly follow. It's called Astro-Turfing. These fascists can pay big, million dollar, public relations firms, to maximize publicity on all the corporate networks. If two thousand, real grass-roots, working people, show up to protest the Koch manufactured tea party conspiracy to undermine collective bargaining, not one big media outlet covers it. When Nader and Ellsberg attend massive anti-war rallies, not one big media outlet mentions it. When Koch toadie, Scott Walker, appoints the drunken, uneducated son of one of his biggest, tax dodging, rightwing-donors to head a regulatory agency in Wisconsin, the big media ignores it. The "Madison Movement" is tirelessly organizing, door to door, to recall, and expell, these criminal Koch co-conspirators in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and coming soon to your state, but the bad guys still own and operate the big-media and the actual voting apparatus, and election fixing is no problem with the Diebold (changed their brand name to Premiere) voting machines, used to throw the second Bush (s)election, so keep your electric eye on Bradblog, that's Bradbog dot com, to stay up to date about rightwing vote tampering. We have to quit voting for either wing of the dominant war party, and all do our part, to expose the crooks, in the shadows, running the government. Bradley Manning is STILL being isolated and humiliated, under Obama/Gates/Clinton. These are insincere, inhumane, corporatist, war hawks, who continue to ignore, eviscerate, and undermine the Geneva Conventions, and the Constitution. People worry about voting for "American Idol" distraction-puppets. The whole war on terror is nothing but theater. The latest rich, fascist, NY mayor's outlawed "smoking outdoors". Nucleur radiation, chem trails, and unchecked pollution from deregulated industries is cool, but not smoking. Outdoors. We got thirty million Americans working minimum wage jobs, and one of these Koch industries funded loonies-Jamie Radtke, possible GOP Senate candidate from Virginia, is trying to abolish minimum wage, wants to create something called, "a training wage". Once they kill the unions and criminalize dissent, why not? All the ex-punks I know, who got diplomas, would be cool with that. That lambskin debt is proof of their moral superiority, to the working poor, doncha know? The middle-class is apathetic, in-debt, imperiled, and self-obsessed. The media-class is embedded, permanently "in the pocket" of the intelligence agencies and military industrial complex. The White House is owned by Wall St. lobbyists and the global elite. Congress is owned by lobbyists and the Global elite. All the rightwing cares about is more war, and tax cuts for the top one percent, and slashing of all government aid to the poor, education, and infrastructure. Halliburton's building more secret jails. JSOC, the black op's, and private mercenaries are expanding into more nations. No one talks about the brutal occupation of Gaza. Obama is bombing Libya, Gates promises to stay in Iraq forever, Hillary wants to attack Iran. They're using laser "heat guns" in Afghanistan. The cops indiscriminately taser men, women, and children, each and everyday, IN AMERICA, and who's your lobbyist? Fascist pigs in San Francisco, the "entertainment commission", are trying to require night clubs to keep a photographic register of every patron who ever passes through the door, to record a copy of their photo I.D.! I can't make this shit up. TSA pervs grope children for the amusement of their CIA bosses. These are dark, darker, darkening times.

Sinead O'Connor, possibly the most talented artist of her generation is widely despised in corporate-conditioned America, because she speaks her mind, she tells the truth about child abuse, police brutality, and the Vatican's complicity with the church sanctioned molestation of Catholic youth. The last voice the U.S. had that was maybe half as courageous, was probably Tupac Shakur, the Godson of Nikki Giovanni, whose assassination was mysteriously never solved by the LAPD. Where did all our punk rockers go? There's the country singer, Steve Earle. There's the impossibly marginalized, JELLO BIAFRA-the government's favorite whipping boy of the eighties. Who else, among us, is even speaking out? We got a fraud Prez quietly presiding over the biggest redistribution of wealth, ever; X-ray vans nuking us in our very streets and own homes; Round the clock monitoring of all our electronic communications, with no warrants....TSA goons with their dangerous radiation and Obama approved molestations; ZERO debate about ending these trillion dollar multiple wars of occupation for hegemony and, yes, it's still all about oil, and to further enslave nations in austerity debt, after bankrupting them, by the global elite, like they already have in both Ireland, and Greece. We got the hard-right Supreme Court, and billionaires like the Kochs, paying crooks to outlaw unions, outlaw dissent. The consolidated media continues to legitimize/justify/glamorize police state abuse, and torture. Some still believe this nation is a democracy. It's actually a nation of hopelessly miseducated, cable propaganda brainwashed, prescription pilled-out, video game playing, Target shopping, inmates. Visit war is a crime dot org. Fire John Yoo Dot Org. Code Pink.

OH YEAH---and if you ever get a chance to purchase a used copy of Sinead's VHS home concert-video from the eighties, prepare to be awed, by her dancing, her voice, her beauty, her soul. She was prettier than Natalie Portman, and sang like an angel, and had the astonishing swashbuckler, ANTMUSIC maestro, Marco Pirroni on lead guitar! I "youtube" Sinead sometimes, and empathize with her pain and confusion. The establishment has convinced her she has a chemical imbalance and must be subdued with pills. I think she's just a true believer, who values human rights, and opposes might-makes-right violence, authoriatarian perversion, and merciless tyranny. Remember when dumbfuck cows booed her off stage, for being a lightnin' rod, at a Bob Dylan tribute? Kristofferson wrote a lovely tribute to her called, "Sister Sinead". Sinead scares Americans, because she has soul and guts. Speaks the truth. I love the Irish! 'Been listening to her reggae gospel album recorded by Sly and Robbie at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamiaca. You should, too.