by Osie

Film Maker and Musician (The infamous Undead)  SID TERROR tells Punk Globe about his Senior year at High School !!!

Punk Globe:  Who was your best friend?

Sid Terror: Chris Loob, who i'd known since 8th grade. He was the only other Famous Monsters Of Filmland "Monster Kid" in the school. He also ended up playing in the very earliest version of The Undead and we performed in the school auditorium and at some parties... And we were really hated because no one was into punk music yet.

PG: What sports did you play?

ST : Fuck all that. 

PG :  What kind of car did you drive?

ST: A Chevy Vega station wagon that I had customized and turned into a mini hearse (my first car). 

PG:  It's Friday night, where were you?  

ST :Either at The Mabuhay Gardens in S.F. watching bands, or making movies (I went to film school at night), or doing something band related. 

PG : Were you a party animal?

ST: I guess, but I was usually too busy... High school during the day, film school at night, two jobs, my music, making student films... I was very driven and intense and didn't have much time for partying.

PG :  Were you considered a flirt?

ST : No. Didn't even "go all the way" until after I was out of High School. 

PG:  Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?

ST : Not in school as a class or anything. But while those other chumps in my school were doing that, I was off someplace inventing Horror Punk in seedy bars. 

PG:  Were you a nerd?

ST: Of course. No one was cool in school, ghoul. 

PG : Can you sing the school song?

ST : If we had one, I wasn't aware of it, or if I was I probably came up with the dirty lyrics version. 

PG:  Who were your favorite teachers?

ST: Mr. Lisha (head of the DeAnza College film department where I went to night school.) 

PG :  Where did you sit during lunch?

ST: On my ass. I do remember sitting at the jock table for awhile, just because I wanted to bother them.

PG : What was your school's full name?

ST: Campbell High School 

PG:  School mascot?

ST : Some pirate that looked like Yosemite Sam

PG: Did you go to Prom?

ST: Fuck no. Not until I went to my girl friends 15 years later. 

PG:  If you could go back and do it over, would you?

ST: Repetition is death, daddyo. 

PG: What do you remember most about graduation?

ST: I graduated early, taking the state test. While the rest of the class of 1977 was at graduation, I was on a plane to move to Los Angeles and for a meeting with Kim Fowley (The Runaways manager/producer) the next day, who it ended up wanted to make me the new Alice Cooper (I shot down that plan). The plane actually flew over my school and I looked down at the graduation ceremony though. 

PG: What was your favorite class?

ST: Lunch.

PG: Where were you on senior skip day?

ST:  Who knows

PG: Were you in any clubs?

ST: The Mabuhay Gardens, The Whisky A-Go-Go, The Starwood, The Masque... And a few others. I was still technically too young to be in them, but if The Undead was playing there they couldn't very well kick me out.

PG:  Where did you go most often for lunch?

ST: Umm, in an abandoned building across the street. 

PG:  What did you do after graduation?

ST: Was in one of about 4 bands that invented horror punk. 

PG: When did you graduate?

ST: 1977

PG: Who was your Senior prom date?

ST: I told you, fool ass, I didn't go. But if I had gone it probably would have been with Cherie Currie 

PG:  Are you going to your 10 year reunion?

ST: I got an invite. I sent back a xerox of my asshole with a note saying "I hated all you people, so kiss this in my absence". TRUE STORY. 

PG:  Who was your home room teacher?

ST: Didn't have one, unless maybe the first class of the day is considered home room... In that case Mister Hall... Drama and English.

PG:  Who was your high school sweetheart?

ST: Wow, this is where it gets all complicated... Joan Jett, who I was then saddened to find out wasn't into guys. But there is some evidence that one of my room mates later that summer was "The other woman" in a Joan Jett / Suzy Quatro love triangle gone bad of some kind. Ginger Coyote let it be drunkenly known at the Mabuhay one night that she wanted to be my "high school sweetheart", but that never happened because although I still love Gin-Gin, I just didn't umm, y'know. Why was it so difficult to put a nut and a bolt together in those days? (This many years later I am proud to say that both Ginger and the ex-girlfriend of my room mate (who was my other room mate that summer) are on my MySpace friends list. We all need to get together and have a drink... I miss you both.) 

PG:  Do you still talk to people from high school?

ST: Yeah, once in awhile one actually tracks me down.

Thanks so much Sid and Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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