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Sometimes when you find something new but very familiar to you as well you hold it tightly never to lose it again.I have Sidharta's The Sid Matter EP in my hands now and it I feel like this is the thing I'm missing for a long time and searching for at the same time.

Sidharata is a Montreal based rock band with punk very strong punk influences+Dinasour Jr like guitars+Sonic Youth like drums and Fugazi/Nirvana like vocals which equals to a treasure and an amazing adventure for you.

The group consists of legendarily charismatic frontman Ouragan Jacquier (guitar/vocals), Ben Guilbaud (bass) and Danick Tardif (drums).They met in Paris, creating the foundation for the band in 2001. Before recording 2 demos they gave superb performances around Europe.Not Paris but Montreal would be the place to start this sweet addiction called Sidharta.

The Sid Matter EP has 6 songs on it which is impossible to say which one is better than the other.Every song has its own great energy and creates an atmosphere together which you don't wanna get out of.But Big Murray is the song which explains Sidharta the best.Big Murray also has a video for it.After watching it I'm sure you'll ask yourself why you haven't explored them before.Nevermind,it's not late to get on the train of Sidharta's yet as they're waiting at your station to take you to their magical wonderland;)

Sidharta has just completed a self-booked Canada—US tour from Montreal to California (Summer 2006), performing in over 20 cities.

When you look at all the things done in the history of mankind and music,until this day,music hasn't fully expressed itself yet. Everything done as music,is the very few of music can show to us.People have seen nothing yet!

There are a lot to come and more to imagine soon.........AND SIDHARTA DOES IT............

Note: Please dont forget to check the amazing Sidharta treasure from

Ozgur a.k.a Brightbluespirit - 14.04.2007



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