by Ginger Coyote

Sidharta is a three piece "punk noise" band hailing from Montreal Canada. I had no idea that the name Sidharta was Buddha's original name but with two d's rather than one.  Herman Hesse also wrote a book called Siddharta and that Sidharta is a famous soap brand in Taiwan.

Sidharta formed as a band in Paris France in 2001. Ouraagan the vocalist/guitarist met the other band members . The group played venues in Europe along with recording two demo's. Their last demo made quite an impact with Indy Rock Radio and Web radio.

In 2003 the band decided they needed a change so they migrated to Montreal Canada. Upon moving to Montreal the band played such venues as Le Cafe Chaos, Cafe Campus, The Barfly, L'X, Le' Balare and many other clubs.

They toured Canada, Europe and recorded a six track EP produced by Harris Newman.

They made a video by Big Murray and is now now on the Canadian Channels listings (MUSIQUEPLUS Etc...)

Sidharta is influenced  by noisy edgy bands such as Sonic Youth, Queens Of The Stoneage, Fugazi, The Pixies, The Doors, A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins, The Talking Heads, The Mars Volta plus many others...

Sidharta will be touring the USA this summer please check out  their My Space site and Web Site for more details


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