SHINY MAMA - What Comes Around Goes Around
by Anna Pirhana


Give us a bite and we will swallow, at least when it comes to good music.  With so much inane music being churned out like lard, and with the news of a Paris Hilton attempt at recorded moaning, Shiny Mama could stand out as a sample of music once was before video killed the radio star.  In their CD "What Comes Around Goes Around", Shiny Mama defiantly gives us something to chrew. 

It doesn’t take much to get lost in Yana Chupenka’s strong, sometimes sweet and perfect rock vocals.  She may be the new Pat Benetar to independent, although a bit more reminiscent of the glammed up Ann Margaret in “Tommy”, albeit with far greater capability to sing a rock song.  Yana does have the benefit of a solid, very skilled set of musicians behind her that is able to deliver each song with such drive and spitfire.       

"Got a Thing" is the best at showcasing Chupenka's strong vocals and the band's talent, while "Back in USA" never loses its intensity by delivering a mix of honesty and sheer sexiness.  "Little Angel" and "Long Live Rock and Roll" are equally powerful and passionate behind the strength of such intense vocals and hard driving rock rhythms.  "Honey Bear" seems a bit lost in the whole mix, seeming more appropriate for music-lite stuff sung by someone like Hilary Duff.  The band is better when pairing its musical abilities with equally engaging lyrics.   However, this is a minor point in an otherwise excellent CD by Shiny Mama. 


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