"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Sharla Cartner
WebMistress of Punk Globe
Interviewed By: Ginger Coyote
Punk Globe: In a nutshell how would you describe your Holiday to America?

Sharla: Wild, fun, loud, adventurous, black and blue!

Punk Globe: When your plane arrived at SFO in June tell the readers what was going through your mind when you landed?

Sharla: Cigarette, shower, sleep and FINALLY PARTY!

Punk Globe: Here are a few topics. Please use just a few words to describe them.

Piedmont Hostel:
Friendly, fun, easy going, rehab!

Colorful, and oh get inked!

Puerto Alegre:
Food! Glorious Food! Yum!

San Jose:
Wow, floor to ceiling mirror, Jacuzzi, King size bed! Err think they gave me the wrong room key!

Mediterranean Cafe:
Did not invent the cafe latte!

Steve (Mike Dirnt's Cousin):
Most wonderful, witty, fun, generous human being! Thanks for everything! Oh like your car Mike!

Killer Attitude!

Zodiac Killer Records:
Killer undies and music!

The Swedish Triplets:
Where have you gone!!!

Tyler Drummer For The Ex Gentlemen:
"Oh we're groupies!" ha ha! Cool, fun and sweet!

Las Vegas:
Another planet! The Rockhouse rocks! Tinkerbell!

White Trash Debutanees rocked Pomona!

Extremely nice and friendly person with an amazing talent.

Tina driving to Watts:
She would soon fix that place!

Oh god where am I? And who are you?

Kathy Peck:
Wonderful Kathy, Thank you for the Little Joe ticket.

The County Fair:
Ha ha you have to be kidding me! lol!

Green Day:
Rock! VIP! Torn stomach muscle, sweaty, mosh, free ice tea vodka, chips and salsa! Oh and can the bunny possibly give out Easter eggs... please!

Pauley Perrette:
Sweet, down to earth, generous!

Stacy and Tim Tuttle:
Wonderful, generous, caring human beings.

San Diego:
Where am I? Am I still in San Diego? Sleep deprivation, 5th ave.

OMG! I have lost my room key yet again! Ginger Rocks!
Punk Globe: Is there anything you regret not getting to do while here?
Sharla: No! Not at all, I did everything I wanted to do and more!
Punk Globe: What were some of the highlights from your trip?
Sharla: New tattoo! Ice tea vodka! All the wonderful people I met, hanged out with, drank with, laughed with and loved!
Punk Globe: Tell us about what you were thinking about on your flight back to Australia?
Sharla: That wasn't long enough!
Punk Globe: Tell us when we should expect you back?
Sharla: ASAP, after the credit card bill is paid off and bank account is sufficient!
Punk Globe: Finally. Your Birthday is October 15th tell us how you will celebrate?
Sharla: Hmm... I don't usually plan these things but it will definitely include some live music and plenty of alcohol.

I would also like to thank Ginger Coyote for all the help she gave me while I was in America and for making me feel so welcomed. You Rock Ginger!