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Tells All About The Nipple Erectors Reunion Show , Shane MacGowan and Sarah Palin....
By:Ginger Coyote
I had been aware of the Nipple Erectors from the late 70's mainly because that is when I first became aware of Shane MacGowan... One day while cruising My Space I happened upon Shanne Bradley and we clicked instantly... This Woman is a fucking kiss ass bass player and really a nice person.... She has to be one of the most delightful people ever... I did an interview with her a couple years ago and decided to catch up with her for the January 2010 issue of Punk Globe.... Enjoy!
Punk Globe: Happy New Year!! Thanks so much for the interview.. The last time we spoke (almost 2 years ago) Shanne you were rehearsing for a Nipple Erectors . How did that show go?
Shanne: We were uptight, upright and fast.Then it was over too quickly and they screamed for more.
Punk Globe: How long had it been since you all had played together?
Shanne: OOOerrr not since the late 1970s with Fritz on guitar..
Punk Globe: How was the turn out for the show?
Shanne: Sold out, people were complaining they couldn't get in, not even the press could get in. There was alot of love! So many faces old and new. Such a lovely atmosphere down there. IN FACT I lOVE the 100 Club its where I used to go and see the Sex Pistols et all. Some of our earliest friends from those days came down. We decided to go on first. Shane managed to arrive from Dublin halfway through the sound check.He was brandishing some knuckle dusters at me! I didn't take any shit from him though. My Wing Chun Kung Fu training came in well handy. He actually growled through one song. Anyway It was The Cute Lepers record release party and The legendary Johnny Moped also played. What a great night we had a party at the 12 Bar club afterwards.
Punk Globe: Was it just that one show or did you do more?
Shanne: We played at the Dirty Water Club on 6th June 2008. Shane was unavailable so my daughter Eucalypta (age 15) sang the whole set after just 2 hours rehearsal in the living room. She also performed a couple of her own songs with guitar.That was real Punk. She had previously jumped up at the 100 club gig to do back ups on Gabrielle, having shouted "I can sing better than him" through the whole gig. She makes Grime music!
Punk Globe: Any chance that the band will be playing any shows in 2010?
Shanne: Yes. I am very optimistic about that.
Punk Globe: Any New Years resolutions for 2010?
Shanne: I never make New Year resolutions.
Punk Globe: Have you ever played The Rebellion Festival?
Shanne: Yes and No! Not with the Nipple Erectors.They ask us to play every year but we haven't so far.This year could be the one ...watch this space! And Yes this year I played every day of it except one.
Punk Globe: I know that you had played bass with The Briefs doing a cover of a Nipple Erectors song. Have you done any guest spots with any other bands? Or again with The Briefs?
Shanne: In the summer I played four gigs including The Rebellion Festival with the Cute Lepers (who include Stevie Nicks and Kicks of The Briefs) We did Gabrielle. They are a real tonic for me I love them. Plus a guest spot on '2 pints of lager and a packet of Crisps please' with Max Splodge! In October my old band The Men They Couldn't Hang played at The Electric Ballroom in Camden. It was the Men's 25th anniversary gig. I got up to play "The Green Fields of France" a 7and 1/2 minute long anti -war waltz written by Eric Bogle. Its a real tear jerker. The late, Greatest and sadly missed Dj John Peel loved that song so I dedicated it to his memory. We had played our first gig at the Alternative Country and Western Festival there during Easter 1984 (funny enough that line up in 84 included Andrew Rankin (drums) and James Fearnley (accordian) (who played guitar in the Nips for a short while in 1980) they still play in the Pogues!) .
Punk Globe: Have you done been in the studio doing any recording?
Shanne: We have done about 4 tracks. so far. Still more to do. Shane has bought a new Gretsch guitar. Prepare for gut wrenching.He is working on his feedback,
Punk Globe: Have you seen any good bands that you would like to recommend us ?
Shanne: Well...you maybe suprised...Alice Cooper! I just saw him in the Theatre of Death show at Hammersmith Apollo What can I say? He hasn't lost 'IT'. All the young bands who think they are putting on a good 'show' at their gigs need to go and see a real showman at work.
Punk Globe: During the last Presidential Election here in the USA.. You were both very vocal & visual with your feelings about Sarah Palin. Tell us about that? Your comments were hilarious..
Shanne: The thought of Sarah Palin running the USA on an international level was such a bad joke it was hilarious! Unthinkable! So we had a good laugh at her. It was such a relief when the majority of the American public agreed and she didn't get into power.
Punk Globe: Had you been a fan of Tina Faye before this?
Shanne: No, I'd never heard of her before! Brilliant!
Punk Globe: Had you ever gotten that involved with any other elections in the USA before?
Shanne: Nope!
Punk Globe: You have Kids right? How do they feel about having the Ultra Fabulous Shanne Bradley as a Mom?
Shanne: Yes Thankyou, I wish they would call me ultra fabulous! Haha !!!! Now that's a question and a half! I have two girls. My eldest has joined the police force and my youngest is a grime musician OK?
Punk Globe: I understand that Shane MacGowan has gotten his teeth fixed. How do they look?
Shanne: Like a Latino lover he got them done in Spain, but he does not ever wear them. Far too painful. I think he got them on the cheap. Like party teeth! Possibly we should give them away as an xmas prize?
Punk Globe: Can you give us any web addresses so readers and your loyal fans can get updates at?
Shanne: Yeah The Nipple Erectors (official My space) http://www.myspace.com/thenippleerectors
The Nipple Erectors (Facebook) http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Nipple-Erectors/19403488800
Punk Globe: Any plans for 2010 ?
Shanne: Get the band down off the ceiling, Finish the album, Sort out an agent. usual stuff!
Punk Globe: Any parting words of wisdom for Punk Globe readers?
Shanne: Don't forget to moisturize and of course Hang on to your own teeth at all costs! LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DAZE!
Thankyou Shanne... You fucking RULE!!!! We here at Punk Globe would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and all best with all your ventures... We Love You!