SHAM 69:  United
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y Ginger Coyote


 United- Recorded Live During Touring 1978 & 1979.
  • 2 CD Set
  • 2 Audio discs.
  • Sleeve notes written by jimmy Pursey

Disc 1

  • Red London
  • I Donít Wanna
  • Rip Off
  • Iím A Man, Iím A Boy
  • Tell Us The Truth
  • Ulster Boy
  • Borstal Breakout
  • Itís Never Too Late
  • Hey Little Rich Boy
  • They Donít Understand
  • What About The Lonely ?
  • What Have We Got
  • Borstal Breakout
  • George Davis Is Innocent
  • What Have We Got

Disc 2

  • If The Kids Are United
  • Angels With Dirty Faces
  • Sunday Morning Nightmare
  • If The Kids Are United
  • Hersham Boys
  • Questions and Answers
  • Ulster Boys
  • Money
  • They Donít Understand
  • Tell Us The Truth
  • Borstal Breakout
  • No Entry
  • Hurry Up Harry

I got this CD thanks to my pal Fleur from My Space and must thank her very much....... This whole CD rocks and have been a long time fan of Sham 69.....

There are no sinkers on either disc. I have heard that Dave Parsons and Ian Whitehead have left the band  and all shows have been postponed.... Rumors are that Jimmy Pursey was canceling shows and did not want to play live.. Jimmy responded that he wanted to play live but did not want to play nostalgia shows for money.. He felt their sound was current and much more preferred playing regular shows..Both sides are claiming the band name and Parsons and Whitehead are auditioning new band mates... What a  cryin' shame! I cannot imagine Sham 69 without Jimmy Pursey.. He is fucking brilliant! This CD may well be the last CD with true Sham 69... Run do not Walk to get it... You will be glad you did.........


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