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Sex Presleys

Interviewed by Giovanni

Sex Presley’s

Hailing from S.F., the Sex Presleys
are the bastard demon child of Las Vegas
Elvis and a trans-gender Sex Pistols.


Band Members:

Priscilla - Vocals
Nick Pistol - Guitar
Markie Balls - Bass
Lev - Drums

After seeing many San Francisco bands you come across one that sparks your interest. Its very mind occupying to hear a band sing Elvis but in a Sex Pistol style. Then it gets better You have 4 incredibly talented members giving you a hint of themselves Priscilla on vocals works you up not only visually but has a voice that some would sign a deal to the devil for. Nick Pistol on guitar shows a great liking to the punks of yester year. A strong player and the extra punk attitude to flare the fire. Mark on bass gives you a real bass line on all songs, not falling off here and there. Lev on drums gives you a feeling that he plays them in his sleep.

The possibility of leaving one of their shows feeling cheated is just not something that would happen. I think to call this band a cover band is falling short of what they are. They really bring more to the songs then a backtrack of Sex Pistols and an overlying Elvis. It’s a experience that I think everyone should have. The crowds they draw in are a mix of everything. You definitely have your pick of what date to see their show with. The song Can't Help Falling In Love" is competing with Teddy bear for me as top favorite. But I have to say all their songs have something to draw you in. The group has cds available on MySpace go get one it won't disappoint.

Sex Presley’s

Q. What was the idea to bring together Elvis and the Pistols?

Sex Presley’s<

I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Not sure if you've ever been there, but the whole place is a rock'n roll temple. I kept getting off on all the Elvis and Sex Pistols stuff under the same roof... Elvis jumpsuits right next to a Sid Vicious slot machine. I loved it! I decided then and there I had to create something to incorporate both as the place made me realize that both extremes appealed to largely the same people. Also, I wasn't doing all that great attracting the off-duty strippers and realized I needed some kind of shtick to lock in more action... It was along those lines of thinking that the ideas for Heartbreak Hotel came to me. Upon arriving home I arranged that one and followed it with I Can't Help Falling in Love a few days later. Then all I had to do was put together a band.

Q. How do you choose which songs of each to integrate together?

Nick.....I deliberately do not listen to Elvis songs. Truth be told, I'm a Pistols fan and being an American I was raised being force-fed Elvis. I start by choosing a Pistols song I feel like playing any given day then look over Elvis' repertoire. I know most of the hits so when I come across a song that has a similar structure in my head I just work it out.

Q. How initially did the band form? Were you all in other bands previous?

Nick....Once I came up with the idea I pitched to my friend and bass player, Mark. He and I were in the practice of hanging out at his flat in the Mission District eating Pakistani food and drinking wine and vodka and playing acoustic guitars. I wasn't a hard sell. Mark know Priscilla, our singer... a goddamn diva with pipes like I've never before heard. When Mark pitched him the idea, he was all over it. He's a creative guy and saw the potential. Lev, our drummer, hits harder than anyone I've seen outside of Keith Moon. He was in once he heard Priscilla was in.

Sex Presley’s

Were you all in other bands previous?

Former Bands:
Priscilla - Vaccines
Lev: Amazing Embarassonics
Nick: Ghost, Shine On, Race Train, Cinnamon Razorblades
Mark: Some Greatfuldeadsantacruzhippything

Q. How has punk influenced your life / lives?

Nick...Punk gave me a reason to play guitar. I've never had a lesson and don't want one. I was raised playing Social Distortion, Ramones, Minor Threat, Johnny Thunders, Sex Pistols, the Damned and the Clash

Q. Which artists do you find inspiring from past or present?

Nick….old Social Distortion, Ramones, Minor Threat, Johnny Thunders, Sex Pistols, the Damned and the Clash, New Green Day, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network, Rancid, the Phenomenauts, Tim Armstrong,

Sex Presley’s

What does punk mean to you?

Nick…It means great music without the distraction of technical bullshit. I don't want to need a degree to bang my head.

Q. Where can people get your stuff?

Nick…Our MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/sexpresleys The copyrights for these mashups have been a nightmare. We can't use our real names because of a lawsuit we're ducking. Just get a hold of us on MySpace and we'll get you our music.

Q. What do / did you want to achieve doing this?

Nick….I want people to dig what we do. I don't expect to get rich. I just want people to know who we are and dig us. I was in LA a few months ago and saw some random kid with Sex Presley’s written on his jacket. THAT is what I want!

Sex Presley’s
Nick Pistol

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