"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Sex Pistols
Agents Of Anarchy
(IMC Productions)
By: Rotten.
Yes, another Sex Pistols documentary DVD hits the stores, We all know the band's story by now, so is this one worth picking up? Strangely it is for collectors.
Opening up with footage from the 1978 Longhorn Ballroom gig in Dallas of the boys performing NO FUN, the first thing you notice is the actual use of the Pistols music, in the form of the 1976 Dave Goodman demo's, footage from Dallas, Notre Dame Hall and the 'doctored' Chelmsford Prison recording, as well as bad quality versions of the Sid Singles (all the audio here was sourced from the double album of the same name). One drawback is the inclusion of a terrible rendition of God Save The Queen by an awful tribute band.
Interview wise, there's entertaining stories from The Damned's BRIAN JAMES, Journalist KRIS NEEDS and a lot of twaddle from STEVE DIOR. The Pistols themselves are represented in old interviews from the London Weekend Shows of 1976 and 1978 with Janet Street Porter.
The good thing about this is, the music and footage keeps coming, (although sometimes the footage is hilariously miss credited - How can footage from 1976 with Glen Matlock in the band suddenly be in 1977??).
Like I said earlier, This is purely for collectors, but is an entertaining and enjoyable viewing experience if you wish to while away an hour or so.