The Blank Club
San Jose, CA
February 2006

by Miss Oblivious

I was very curious when I had noticed a flyer in the window at "the Blank Club" and inquired to Corey O' Brian about this silly project The Sex Pistols Experience!
He swore they were very authentic and I shouldn't miss them.

Friends were driving in from Seattle and I insisted that they join me! Since it was Tuesday, only one band was booked so it'd be an early excursion.

Sid came up and threw on his bass while, Paul and Glen (on guitar) warmed up, then jumping out of nowhere was Mr.Rotten. I will have to admit they sounded and looked like the real deal. If you don't count Johnny fixing his hair constantly.

I snapped, danced and sang, soon finding myself bored! As a true punk rock girl the Sid lookalike was uncanny and a godly sight( as granny used to say "he could crackers in bed anytime") , I started thinking "okay hardly anyone around me was moving", "it must be my turn to liven things up"!
In a brainstorm i was configuring an object in my bag i could cut "Sid" with? Hmm was their anything available?

No, but just so happens I always carry a tube of fake blood in my make-up case! Perfect, just what I needed to make the scenery authentic...squeezing the red liquid into the palm of my clammy hand I slapped some on his chest, then he motioned for more on his face!
So boom I slapped his forehead and it ran into his eyes.

Things were looking better by the minute. As anyone knows, Miss O had to push her limits. Few moments had passed I bounced around to "Bodies" finding myself wrapped up in the "experience", then grabbing a bottle of brew from the stage,using my thumb as a cork shaking fiercely and let the ale explode over the SPE.

To much of my dismay they were furious, I mean pissed!
Roadie Ron approached me and said "what the hell are you doing?" "The band does not like beer thrown on them!" " Your lucky you don't get a two-by-four across your forehead!"

I shouted "You ever feel cheated?" Walking out of the venue I bumped into the owner Larry and he was cracken up and thought it was brilliant!

With typical Obliviousness( i was sober FYI) I had left my credit card open at the bar and had to return! The band was loading up and ready to leave a trail of dust on this under-corrupted venue. I approached SID (Nigel), and he hugged me and laughed, asking where he could pick up some of that blood? He stated that I could have killed him and went to prison!

Newsflash even if some beer did get your equipment wet, you will not die! You would have to fall in a pool with your amp and equipment plugged in! All a splash of liquid will do is short out your equipment, which was not my plan at all. I was enjoying myself and as usual without trying, ruffled some feathers all in good 'ol punk rock manner.


Miss Oblivious


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