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Set It Free"
By Gabby Rhodes
Los Angeles, notorious for its commercialized music and less than honest industry standards, has given birth to the digital music label Gas Can. Innovative and untainted by corporate pressure, this label has become a logical choice for groups like Set It Free. With their debut record release July 5th, the Tri-State Band will finally have exposure to the online record buying population.
Hailing from New Jersey, Set It Free has infused positive ideology into its music, blending harmonic vocals with carefree pop-rock. Recorded by engineer Eric Rachel and produced by Trapt bassist Peter Charell, the album has a very clean sound. There are no rough edges, just good music.
Featured track “Forget the Past” features the smashing vocals of Andrew Williams, steady guitars by Joey DeAngelo and Mike Gurnari, the slick bass of Patrick Dwyer and the well timed drums of Victor Pascale. This is a band that practices until they get it right, that much is apparent.
With lots of upcoming shows and a new record, Set It Free is on track to do very well. With a sound this sweet they are sure to gain attention, and let’s hope they can maintain their positive outlook and sense of self once the industry dogs start calling.