(Full Length DVD) 


By Carl Macki

Senior Discount:  Crazy like Johnny Knoxville and crew. Smart as a fox in the hedgerows. They take silly to the edge. The edge of what? Punk rock n droll. More than droll, this video will either have you laughing or thinking it’s stupid. It’s both.

The band mainly consists of: Chuck Staton on vocals and guitar, Kevin Silva playing bass and vocals, Tom Wells on guitar and back-up vocals; and Christian Staton playing the drums. Sometimes they have a lot of friends who play with them. Sometimes in this their expanded version with friends, they are known as the VBW.

And Chuck wrote to me – “Just to give you a little history on us, like we said, we're from
Rhode Island. . . .

“We won the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll for Best Punk Band this past year, and we also sold out a 350-person capacity movie theatre for the premiere of our first full-length movie. “

The five-banger CD they enclosed, along with the DVD, has some pretty lively tunes. You can hear a taste.

“All our music is on our myspace page if you'd like to check us out.  www.myspace.com/seniordiscount

“We've opened for a lot of nationals  -- Gym Class Heroes, Brain Failure, Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto, Whole Wheat Bread -- and of course, many nationals from New England -- Big D, Darkbuster, Street Dogs, Stealing Jane, Wilhelm Scream, Sasquatch, The Bloodshot Hooligans, Badfish, Daly's Gone Wrong, Patent Pending, Monty Are I -- and we really have an energetic live show."

 “Senior Discount: The Movie.” It’s well done, It astounded me, These guys are having fun. Congratulations on this  freshman effort.  See them live near you or on myspace.

Band Photo by Michael David

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