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Semi Precious Weapons



Ok, I have to , have to, have to tell you about my latest musical obsession from Brooklyn, NY, called Semi Precious Weapons. I just luv, luv, luv these darlings because they are outrageous in ways we haven't seen in awhile and they sound great!!
I mean, come on, when was the last time you heard a fresh band proclaim, with a catchy beat, "It's not my fault I look better in your party dress"? or
"Her head is on fire, she don't want no water, let her fucking head burn"?
Pearls of effin wisdom, people!!
Produced by Tony Visconti, Semi Precious Weapons, consisting of Justin "Precious" Tranter, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Cole Whittle and Dan Creen, are popping out garage glam tunes to make you want to get up and strut your attitude in your high heel red shoes!!
Voted New York City's Best Band by the Village Voice reader's poll, the Weapons put the fun back in music; when was the last time you saw a male drummer wearing red fuck me pumps to pound out a dance beat?
You can bet your Manolo Blahnik's it's been awhile, and it's a breath of fresh air in the days of non-stop boy band clones singing of teenage heartache and all that happy horseshit.
As Justin says, "Semi Precious Weapons is about everyone. If you love great rockíníroll, if you love glamour, if you love a crazy live show or if you just love a good party, you are welcome and We Love You. Conservative, liberal, straight, young, old, it doesn't matter. If you are ready to love us, We Love You.
"Actually, even if you hate us, We Love You."
Does that not scream "FUN", kiddiez? You bet it does, and it's time to get some fun back in our diets with a new band who has the right idea: I Can't Pay My Rent but I'm Fucking Gorgeous!
Not only are music fans eating up SPW with a silver spoon but DKNY is creating a Semi Precious Weapons sneaker which will be debuting soon, for which I will be saving my pennies for, but Justin's own line of jewelry endorsing Semi Precious Weapons has not only been touted by Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic, but now Barney's NY and Barney's COOP has jumped on the bandwagon, literally; and said, "This is talent worth selling."
The pieces are gorgeous and creative just like this band.
So if you're ready for a little glamour, check out their MySpace page at :http://www. myspace. com/semipreciousweapons and hear their music, see their videos and view their jewelry.
When you want to fight the duldrums, break out your Semi Precious Weapons!!

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