Seattle Ghosts
By Miss Oblivious

So: as some of my lovely readers know I went on my first official Seattle ghost tour on Saturday night with two of my new gal pals! Faye and Sara!

It was a really great experience! I get so tired of only spending time at the freakin bar to see my friends!

It gets really lame: not really what I imagine as quality time! I have my wacky mama time and that seems to be the only non-bar social time I get sometimes! I like a nice dinner, coffee or GHOST HUNT!!!

I want to admit that this :I think will be an addiction as tattoos are an addiction to some of us!

Faye picked me up on this rainy emerald night and we arrived at Charlies an hour before the tour was about to begin. Sara met us , just as we arrived! Two beers and giggles passed the hour very quickly!

threetwo.jpgFaye, Miss O and Sara

We strolled up the avenue of Broadway and were led down a set of stairs accompanied by a martian and bigfoot (sasquash). Museum of mysteries!

We paid our $5.00 and noticed that the video had already begun telling us a story of illegal alcohol mishaps around the turn of the century! We joined two couples that were cuddled on the sofa in this mystical atmosphered room!

Next we were introduced to Charlotte "our tour guide".. dark hallways, bathrooms and outside cubbies were revealed to have access to another realm or be accompanied by ghosts!

alley in back of building


I of course am not at liberty to give out any details as if to do so there would be no reason for you to take this lovely excursion for yourself!

We played poker and became acquainted with one another, and then were told we would break off into two groups to do the lock down tour!

I was picked by Faye to join her and were given an infra red camera and K2 meter for this hunt! Steve and Mary joined in also!

Four of us walked down the Bruce lee filled walls and locked ourselves in the dark bathroom!

I will in full honesty proclaim that we reached  the otherside as I held the K2 meter & it answered Faye with blinks answering her questions!

Then it was time for the second group to go in the hall closet which was lead by Sara and including Faye (our Knight and shining armor)! Within about 2 minutes we heard scattering and the ladies were quickly back in the poker, library room were Miss oBlivious was inhaling glorious lavender oxygen!

again I will not reveal the full story til it is entered in to the next issue of Oblivious Nation issue!

I was then asked (after the boys had done it ),to enter this hall closet with Mary to see what we could feel(as two females), or get the K2 reading at and we lasted about 46 seconds before the meter went bezerk I heard a tap next to my eardrum and we ran out of the closet down the karate hallway and  the area my heart to gut feeling ripped and uneasy!

Miss Oblivious highly recommends to take  this high-tale, informative and history adventure when in Seattle!


Next ghost hunt scheduled for August .....

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