SADO NATION - Future Past, Present, Tense:
by Anna Pirhana


FUTURE PAST, PRESENT, TENSE provides exactly as stated, as it is an EP compilation of music from Sado Nationís 20+ year history. The bandís fast and hard driving music does not vary much in style, but Sado Nationís evolution is best represented in lyrics which go from youthful rage to a more introspective look back in time with the intensely addictive "16 again", a track lifted from the bandís THE TEAL PROJECT EP. The best thing about Sado Nation, which makes this compilation worth a listen, are the lead vocals of both Flipside magazines 1984 female vocalist of the year Mish Bondage and, in later EP tracks, David Corboy. Corboy, a senior citizen of Northwest punl who formed his first band in 1963, can do the hard vocals better than most, but also has a voice sweet enough to give edgy songs like "insomnia insomniac" a hard, ballad-like quality. Also included in FUTURE PAST, PRESENT, TENSE are four previously unreleased live recordings from 1983.




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