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Delicious Ass Frenzy
Album Review
By Tyler Vile
What would happen if you got Jewish Klezmer musicians, a Native American tribe, Captain Beefhart, and a white trash Freddie Mercury to collaborate on an album? You’d have yourself one Delicious Ass Frenzy! This is the kind of music Les Claypool wishes he could write. It’s either the diligently calculated work of a mad genius or a random collage of sound that just happened to work. “Trailer Queen,” a parody of the Queen song “Killer Queen,” puts anything Weird Al’s done in the past few years to shame. If he wanted to, Joe Newman could censor his work heavily and become the next Weird Al or Les Claypool with ease. “At the Illinois Polebarn Clusterfuck,” though, is the most nauseating monologue I’ve ever heard and it has the potential to offend every English speaker on the planet, which is why Joe Newman should never stop making records.