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Review By Ozgur Cokyuce
Rotten is one of the successful writers of The Punk Globe Magazine, the former vocalist for Sussex Pistols and Essex Pistols, Freakshow Singer, guitarist, lyricist and most importantly a big music fan.
The latest release from Rotten is "A Punk Tribute Geoff Goddard & Joe Meek" !! 4 Classics : Just Like Eddie, Girl Bride, Have I The Right and Lonely Johnny are brought together in this CD and covered with Rotten's unique style of punk rock. Especially, Just Like Eddie and Lonely Johnny are the two outstanding songs here, He paints the pictures of these 60's influential tunes with his melodic brush so cleverly (The CD also includes backing tracks for each song as a bonus.)
"She's The Disease" CD is sort of Best Of set of Rotten so far, taking in original songs like She's The Disease, Regi Mentle, Father Ted and his special tribute to his pal Joe Strummer in the song "Strummer", recorded in Seattle during 2008, Ass-Hat written & recorded for a movie, a cover of The Maggots' Let's Get Tammy Wynette, to his cover versions of The Ramones, Anti Nowhere League, Sex Pistols (such as Holidays In The Sun and Pretty Vacant including a John Lydon intro) and a cover of The Clash's "White Riot" featuring Joe Strummer. The CD also features a rendition of T-Rex's "20th Century Boy" and two Twinkle songs from the 60's which Rotten has heavied up. Somethin' Else and So What! are 2 of my personal favourites on this CD.
The vocalist and guitarist of Freakshow and Bastard Brothers with Original Guitarist from glam-rock legends The Sweet, Rotten started his music life as a member of Teddy Dildo Band back in 1995. Teddy Dildo Band , then morphed into the Sussex Pistols and gained many great reviews. Even John Lydon and The Sex Pistols were among these. Between 2000-2008 he collaborated with Essex Pistols and joined Rev Limit Showband in 2002, performing at high profile motor sport events such as The British F1 Grand Prix and gaining further attention. Now in 2010, these 2 albums, rise the expectations of greater future materials from this talented man.
If you're looking for a high quality punk-rock or just some very strong covers and tunes for a pure pogo heaven, Rotten's "She's The Disease and "Punk Tribute to Geoff Goddard & Joe Meek" is the right place!! This is just the beginning : Prepare yourself for more things to come from the world of Rotten soon!!
The place to reach Rotten is :
*** His personal facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/rottenjon and
*** E-mail : (rottenjonny79@yahoo.com) or (jonnyedwards77@yahoo.com)