- By: Gerry~Jenn Wilson
RON REYES is the legendary ex. frontman/ guitarist for "BLACK FLAG" , "RED CROSS" , "CRASH, BANG, CRUNCH, POP", "KILL CITY", and "I ' BRAINEATER" ! Reyes also scores mondo "punk rock cred." for appearing in the cult classic documentary film, "THE DECLINE OF THE WESTERN CIVILIZATION" (Directed by PENELOPE SPEERIS ) . In March of 2009, (after becoming Ron's friend on "My Space") , I was thrilled when he accepted to do his 1st interview in over 22 yrs. for "PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE". It left me & faithful PUNK GLOBE READERS hoping that one day he will publish his memoirs! Ron Reyes has been liberated from his self-proclaimed "ROCK & ROLL COMA" & is here to stay!! He has been kicking out the jams ever since his 2009 resurrection...
He formed "THE RON REYES BAND" to celebrate his 50th Birthday @ The Rickshaw Theatre, in Vancouver, B.C., July 24th, 2010, featuring an all-star line-up of EX MEMBERS from the unforgettable "SCRAMBLER'S" featuring JON DOE ( on Guitar) , KEVIN ROSE from "TANK HOG" (on Guitar), TONY BALONY from "THE REAL MCKENZIES" (Bass Attack), & SCOTT BEADLE ( on drums) alongside the supreme back~up vocals & GO~GO Dancing by the lovely "ROCKIN' RONETTES!"... The "Icing on the cake" was the surprise guest appearance by BLACK FLAG'S most admired guitarist, GREG GINN. The audience went into maximum overdrive when THE RON REYES BAND fired up the BLACK FLAG classic, "JEALOUS AGAIN" which conjured up a tsunami of well deserved encores for the satisfied crowd at "The Rickshaw Theatre!" Live Band Photographer Jen Dodd's published a fabulous 2011 calender featuring must have stills from the"Rickshaw Theatre" show, as well as priceless stills of IKKY POP, (an hilarious IGGY tribute). ALCOHOLIC WHITE TRASH, THE ENIGMAS REUNION, THE JOLTS, Winnipeg's outrageous TROUSERMOUTH, etc.. Jen's 2011 calender is a sweet collectible that can be ordered via "GO FUCK YERSELF PRESS!" Hopefully Ms. Dodds will grace fans with a much anticipated calender for 2012!
Ron Reyes appears in the Canadian punk rock documentary film "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED" directed by Vancouver's foxiest film maker, MS. SUSANNE TABBATA. The premier of "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED" made a HUGE splash at THE DOXA FILM FEST" in Vancouver 2010,' "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED" also recently received dynamite kudos at it's American premier in S.F., Feb. 2011. Next stop HOLLYWOOD! ....PUNKS NOT DEAD!...."VIVA BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED!"
Ron Reyes was recently flown to THE SXSW FEST., in AUSTIN, TEXAS, to help promote another documentary film that he appeared in about punk rock Dads called "THE OTHER "F" WORD!"
ALAS!!!... "RON GETS "PIGGY" WITH IT!!!" PIGGY is the name of Ron Reyes new band which he plays a mean guitar in! He cherry picked ALEXA BARDACH (Vox) & LISAFURR LLOYD (Bass) from my beloved all~ghoul rock band the" EAST VAMPS" !!! DOUG SMITH (Keyboards) & CAPTAIN CRAIG (Drums) from the LIL GUITAR ARMY rounds off PIGGY'S oinkin' fivesome! Read all about "PIGGY'S" maiden flight in the following " NIGHT OF THE SOULSTORM!" gig review down below, at Vancouver's best kept secret, "THE LAB!".....

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