March 2017


Roger Waters:
The Man Behind The Wall
by Dave Thompson
Book Review By: Lisa Lunney

To some, he is the face behind classic Pink Floyd. To others, he is the temperament behind some of the greatest albums of the rock era. And to others still, he is one of the most original songwriters of a generation that overflows with notable talent. To all, he is an enigma: a rock star who not only eschewed stardom but also spent much of his career railing against it. But to call Roger Waters a mass of contradictions is simply taking the easy way out. He is so much more than that. Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall is the first full biography of the author of The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and, of course, The Wall . It traces his life from war-torn suburbia to the multitude of wars he has fought since then with his bandmates, with his audience, and most of all with himself. Packed with insight and exclusive interviews with friends and associates, Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall dismantles the wall brick by brick, revealing the man who built it in all his glory.

Every time I read a work by Dave Thompson I am in awe. This man has written over a hundred books and yet he still has the creative ability to tell stories in a fresh manner and new voice. This is a perfect read for Pink Floyd fans, as it focuses more on the dynamic of the band as whole rather than just the ventures of Roger Waters.

Very interesting. Makes me want to go back and explore the bands entire catalogue of music. The obscure stories of events spanning the years of Pink Floyd are truly what sold me on the book. I love not only learning the background of a band, but all the juicy tidbits that make the musicians human.

Fans will appreciate Floyd on a whole new level.


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