Rockin' Dad Rockin' Son
by Timm Carney

Their set up took 2 hours. Amps, instruments, computers, soundboards you name it they have it.  They are 15 years old, five guys and 2 dads.  The dads are like rock and roll little league coaches. Theyíd both been in bands 20 years ago. Their band now is their sons.  Are these 2 dads doing their sons a service or are they coddling the band?  Will this band ever be able to set up itís own gear without roadies?  Do they really need 2 computers to run the sound board?  They arenít the Rolling Stones and this is hardly Wembley Stadium. 

The dads had once rocked.  For one reason or another they donít anymore.  If you canít do teach. These boys are getting something that most bands never get.  Support.  The dads made fliers and will pack the club.  The band plays like 15 year olds, thatís what they are.  One of the most over mixed show Iíve ever heard but that was to be expected.

How cool is this for these guys rockiní out with their dads.  Enjoy it now guys because in 3 years youíll be embarrassed and want to deny it.


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