Robot Pi
by Lisa Wooley

Lot's of good bands are springing up in the Northwest out in this little town of Port Angeles, WA.

 My favorite band to see up here  is "Robot Pi" . They are a kooky, King Missile-ish, Devoish kind of a band which consists of only 2 guys, Mikey and Weasel. Mikey plays guitar and sings and Weasel plays keyboard and drum machine. They play some old punk sounding stuff (late 70's early 80's influenced which is a mix of early new wave, punk, and electronic).  They are funnier than hell and really get the audience involved in their shows. They have a kind of charisma that is rare. There url at myspace is: 

Give them a listen. They have 4 songs posted on myspace.

Another up and coming group of guys are BLAZE WHITTEN AND TIM BOLDING of "VICTIMS oF METAL" They both have OCD and play until their arms and fingers are flaming with pain. They are looking for a lead singer, one with a sense of humor a vision and  someone who can scream as well as sing. These guys are "balls to the walls" metal and both are only 18.  They have a site on my space and have 4 of their songs posted. Check them out at their site:



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