"Kick It Out"
y Ginger Coyote



Song Titles


All Tied Up
The Girl Next Door
One Of Those Days
Lights Out

Brent  (Bass)
Mikey (Guitar , Vocals)
The Mighty J (Drums)
Phredd (Guitar, Vocal


This self released four song Cd is rock solid from start to finish.. Each song has catchy hooks, great vocals and harmonies. The Ripovs certainly had done their homework before going into the studio... They deliver some take no prisoners musicianship in the vein of Nashville Pussy, Zeke, The Dwarves and Motorhead... My two favorite tunes are "All Tied Up" which "kicks it out"  from start to finish and "The Girl Next Door"  starts out a bit slower with a bit of a bluesy intro but then delivers with a wham bam boom...... When I saw the band play in Baltimore they were a three piece. But they still delivered  the same impact as this Cd.  I am very impressed with The Ripovs and can't figure out why they are not signed...


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