Interview with Riotgun
by Ginger Coyote

Riotgun is:
Larry Lugz-Guitar/Vox
Matt "Bone" Merrow- Drums/vox
Raul "Rollo" Ornelas-Guitar/Vox
Phill McKrakk- Bass/Vox
Brian Vandriver- vox/master of sound and lightning

Punk Globe: Tell me who you are and what you play in Riotgun?

Larry Lugz: Larry, I guess I am the Singer and guitar player, more like I growl in tune with my trusty six string suicide machine (vintage '73 gibson les paul standard).

Punk Globe: You play "Street Punk" and do a great fucking job...

Larry: Thanx, you're not so bad yourself. We just play a gritty Streetpunk brand of rawk n' roll, our influence range from The Ramones and Motorhead to the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, Naked Raygun, DOA, Black Flag and the Cockney Rejects. But we appreciate Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols, New York Dolls and the Stooges too. We're old, so we heard it all.

Punk Globe: Is my pal Andy Freels  the newest member of Riotgun?

Larry: No, but he did fill in till we found a permenant bass player, Phill McKrakk. Andy did a good job and is very much appreciated in our punk circle of friends.

Punk Globe: How long has Riotgun been together?

Larry: Twelve years going on 13 in Feburary. Its been a long crazy ride baby.

Punk Globe:  Tell the readers about your releases? What label are they on?

Larry:  Our first two releases back in '94 and '95 came out on PsychoTribe Recordz and we toured a lot on those cross country ("Even Out the Odds" 3 song 7 inch and the full length "Brau"), we then released "Return to Ruin" (4 song 7 inch) on Final Vinyl in Germany. We have done tons of comps in between releases on all kinds of European/South American/US labels, but our home is on Madskull Records (Holland) and Barhulo Records (Brazil) and PsychoTribe/Basement Records in the US. They treat us well and support our music. 

Punk Globe: Have you toured  much?

Larry: To a certain extent yes.  All over the US in the early years. More regional the past couple, Washington to New Mexico and all areas in between, VEGAS baby. You know. We love the frisco area especially Richmond and Oakland. Kimo's is always fun up there. We're planning on hitting Europe and South America in 06. Most of our releases are there, so why not do that?

Punk Globe: Who does your booking?

Larry: Me, Manny at Mob Boss Booking, Big Vinny, all kinds of people help out.

Punk Globe:  Does the band have any favorite venues to play?

Larry: I really enjoyed playing the House of Blues, but I also enjoy the dives like Burnt Ramen, Emo's (Houston), Double Down (Las Vegas), Dollhut, Anarchy Library, etc. We're not picky, if you want us to play, we play, no questions asked.

Punk Globe:  Tell me about your favorite show that you have played?

Larry: They are all my favorite shows, especially ones where the crowd gets a little crazy. Also the ones with tons of free beer…

Punk Globe: Who are your influences?

Larry: Ramones, Motorhead, Naked Raygun mostly. I like b-movies and anything written by Bukowski. Dee Dee Ramone was probably my biggest influence. Great song writer, the inventor of Punk in my opinion. Some say Iggy, but Dee Dee created the persona and the attitude, the lifestyle and culture. Iggy created the flash and self destruction associated with it. Dee Dee is the real deal. God bless his poisoned heart…

Punk Globe: Do you all write the material or are there  certain songwriters in the band?

Larry: In the beginning I did, but now its all collaborative. Someone will come in with a riff, someone else will add a chorus or a bridge, our drummer Matt "Bone" Merrow sorts it all out and then I throw some words to it. I usually get someone to make up the title and I write around that. It’s a process, and we work good as a unit.

Punk Globe: If you could play your dream show where would it be and who would you have on the bill?

Larry: Some dingy skid row bar with Motorhead and Pegboy, anywhere USA.

Punk Globe: Any local bands that you enjoy playing with?

Larry: No Solution, White Trash Debutantes, Apocalypse WOW, Whores of Tijuana. We love all bands, we're silly like that. Up north it's the Whiskey Rebels, Oozzies, Portrait of Poverty.

Punk Globe: Any Riotgun releases coming out?

Larry: Presently we're working on "Americore", it should be out by summer, it's high-octane insanity in a Streetpunk package. Melodic yet dangerous. Plenty of drinking songs and stinking songs. I'm sure you'll love it.

Punk Globe:  Any tours or shows you would like to promote?

Larry: Stay tuned baby. Plenty of upcoming stuff will be listed at our webste . Check it out for up to date info and free mp3's.

Punk Globe: Now on a serious note! If you could be one of the girls on the "Facts Of Life" who would you be?

Larry: Tootie for sure. She turned out to be the best broad out of the bunch, and those cans were fantastic… where is she now. If you know, pass her my number…

Punk Globe: Any final comments?

Larry: Support DIY underground bands and zines, especially if they are touring. Clean socks are always nice too. We're one big happy family, lets keep our scene alive and out of the hands of corperate America.



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