STEVE RICABLANCA - "Substance 7":
by Anna Pirhana

Steve Ricablanca, bass player for the legendary Vktms, turns the tables on his punk past and brings a fresh electro funk dance style in his new CD "Substance 7".  Displaying amazing depth and talent, his bass fuses ole school with modern blends of synth and jazz to creative some incredibly sexy music.  The highlight track of Ricablanca's CD is "Pump It", a seductive piece with a  haunting rhythm and his cooing vocals.  Never skipping a beat, Ricablanca interjects some humor with  "A Mermaid in my Soup", an appealing piece complete with mermaid speak.  Ricablanca was always the silent, handsome figure of the VKTMs, and his step forward into solo work is a step into a brighter future.

For information on Steve Ricablance, write to:

Steve Ricablanca
c/o Stinkwad Records
General Delivery
Hawi, Hawaii 96719



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