Punk Globe Interviews Daniel deLeon from Rezurex
by Jones Rosenberg

Punk Globe: Tell me about the line up of Rezurex. Name, instrument and one intriguing fact that the readers of Punkglobe didnít know about every band member.

Daniel:  Troy Russel (Lead Guitar)- plays a Gretch guitar onceowned by Brian Setzer.  Jeff Roffredo (Upright Bass) once played in Cosmic Voodoo, one of the first Los Angeles psychobilly bands.  James Meza (Drums). Have'nt heard anything that interesting, but he's an awesome drummer!  Daniel deLeon (Vocals, guitar)- Once played for 45 Grave!  Another fact is that Jeff and I played in Calavera (psychobilly in spanish from L.A.), we first formed in 1995.

Punk Globe: Are any members active in other bands?

Daniel: For now yes. Troy currently plays in Nekromantix. Jeff currently plays in Tiger Army. James currently plays in Tiger Army and Nekromantix. And Me (Daniel), I only play in Rezurex.

Punk Globe: Give me five words that describes Rezurex?

Daniel: One-Of-A-Kind-Psychobilly.

Punk Globe: What are your influences? I see you pose on your homepage with t-shirts with bands like Nekromantix and Mad Sin.

Daniel: Mainly my drummer and guitar player will wear these t-shirts. I love those bands, but I never wear band shirts on stage. I can't answer for the other band members that question, cause we are all into different styles of
music. That helps us in our style of playing. Me personally, my influences are music styles of Rockabilly, Psychobilly, early Punkrock, early Big Band Jazz, 80's New Wave, Rock and Roll. My favorite artists are, Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Stray Cats, The Cramps, Misfits, The Damned, Gary Numan, The Cult, The Doors, Billy Idol, Cab Calloway, Clan Of Xymox.

Punk Globe: How did ya come up with the band name?

Daniel: When we first formed our name was, Lobo Negro (translates to Black Wolf in English). We were just
about to release our 6 song E.P. and Jeff checked to see if the name was actually owned by some other band.
Unfortunately it was. It took us weeks to decide on a name, I'm sure every band knows how that is. Troy came
up with "Hounds of the Resurrection", the rest of the band didn't like it much, but me. We decided to simplify if to "Resurrects", but again to find out it was owned by another band. I said fuck it, let's just change the spelling to "Rezurex"! The meaning of this I like to say, is to resurrect the early sounds of 1950's Rock and Roll with a mix of today's sound of psychobilly. To bring it back from beyond the grave once again. I grew up listening to that and it has always been an influence on just about everything i write.

Punk Globe: What are your songs about?

Daniel:Alot of my songs are personal, written about my friends that have passed away and their problems in life, with a mix of my own. Marian Anderson, my vocalist from my previous band, The Insaints, inspired me to write music. She passed away 5 years ago from a heroin overdose. Other songs I write are inspired by all the horror/sci-fi movies i watch. I only watch those kinds of movies cause all the other ones bore me. I need to see zombies, blood, space aliens, to keep my attention to keep watching a movie. That's because of my short attention span, i guess.

Punk Globe: What do you feel towards the phenomena psychobilly?

Daniel: All I can say is that I love it and plan on playing it for a very long time. Psychobilly has been around
since the Cramps formed. With many other bands that has started in the 70's and 80's. For most people it's
a new thing, that's because they just heard about it.  I didn't hear about it til the early 90's. The first psychobilly band I saw play was The Hellbillys. I thought it was so cool to mix punk with rockabilly. I wanted to do the same. Later I did play for theHellbillys briefly.

Punk Globe: Are you guys into the whole kit with horror flicks and the darker sides of human nature or is it more of a gimmick than a lifestyle?

Daniel:  For me it's a lifestyle. Ihave always been like this, since i was a child. My art, music, and the way i look reflects how much I am into horror. The house that I grew up in was hauntedby something and that made my interest in the occult, and the after life more interesting to me. As for my other band members, I know they like it,too. But they probably wouldn't have the horror "theme", if it wasn't for me being in the band. 

Punk Globe: What are your future plans? Tell me more about your upcoming tours in Europe and Japan.

Daniel: Well, like every band I would like to be on a good label, with good distribution. I hope to be on tour as
much as possible, as long as we can pay our bills. I invest a lot of my own money just to have this possible, it's worth it to me. Our upcoming tours to Japan and Europe was very hard to finally get these tours. I've been talking to our Japanese contact for 3 years and finally the dream will come true of touring there! Last year we toured Europe with no official release yet and the tour was o.k., thanks to Lucky from Die In Style booking. This next time there I know will be better, since we made ourselves known there already. We are ready to ROCK!

Punk Globe: Did you get much attention after you guys did the Give ĎEm the Boot compilation?

Daniel: Yes it was amazing how much fan mail we get from people from all over the world. I couldn't thank Hellcat enough. The comp opened alot of doors for us. I hope to be on the next one they release. It's been over a year since they released it and people still talk about it. The most frequently asked question is, "Where can I get your c.d.!!". The answer is Fiendforce Records this Feb. 27th! www.fiendforce.de

Punk Globe: Any last comments? Feel free to add anything.

Daniel: I just wanted to mention a little about the Los Angeles psychobilly scene. If you never been here you wouldn't believe how much psychobilly is a big part of the culture here. There are thousands of psychos
through out the south land here. I've been all over the country and nothing compares to fans here. I love L.A. and the people that make the scene great. Thanks to the few promoters that keep having psychobilly shows, it keeps the scene alive today. I feel that we would be nothing without them. Other unknown bands people should check out from here are Mad Marge and The Stone Cutters, The Henchmen, Coffin Draggers and Black Rose Phantoms. There are lots of new psychobilly bands forming everyday here, too. So look out and pay
attention to what comes from our part of the world.


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