by Carl Macki

CD (2007)
available through

Band Members
Rew--vocals & guitar,
Rick "Wolf" Orbach-- lead guitar
Ashley Owl -- bass
Billy Ficca--drums
Other personnel:
Michelle Fox -- vox on
"u annoy me"

Track Listing

think about
the more I
u suck
something rise
u annoy me
u pursued me
that's rite
gotta go

more songs
at myspace site
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RewBee is an indie pop band from New York that started in the spring of 06. Rew, the lead singer and front woman, is soloing on this release, although it appears the other members playing do float in and out of RewBee. Billy Ficca (formerly of the Neon Boys, Television, Gods and Monsters) is listed as playing drums.

As a vocalist and band leader, Rew has been compared to Exene Cervenka and Lucinda Williams. That is, perhaps, apt, for her musical style is quite diverse, blending, pop, punk, new wave, funk, and country. The band at times does sound like "X." I especially liked the first cut of the album, "think about," and the title track. She also writes poetry and performs at various NYC art alternative spaces. She was also a part of the 2007 GIRLS ROCK & GIRLS RULE Tour (more on this at ).


that*S*rite --10 songs by Rew
Organic -- demo CD by the RewBee Band

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