"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> REST IN PEACE SWEET CHLOE DZUBILO
Chloe I have nothing but fond memories of what a wonderful loving human being you were..... Like so many of your other friends..... I will miss.

Ginger Coyote
I can't believe she is gone... I loved her dearly!

Jayne County
Chloe was in a band called TRANSISTERS with the legendary GYDA GASH on bass, as far as I know she was known as CHLOE TRANSISTER at that time...she is mentioned in the TRIBE 8 song TRANNY CHASER


Chloe was a very old dear friend

Howie Pyro
Chloe read me some of her poems - I loved them so much I put them to music and TRANSISTERS was born. TRANSISTERS songs pulled no punches in subject matter with lyrics like "I'm a big transsexual with lots of glamour. Walkin' down the street in full armour" and titles like "Kaposis Koverstick" and "Transie-Chaser." The year was 1995, we were in the thick of the AIDs crisis, needed to shout about it, and Chloe did a fantastic job.

FYI I have a TRANSISTERS CD's I would like to donate to any suitable cause or charity in Chloe's name

Gyda Gash
Something is very strange about Chloe's death....She was fighting always to live...one of the very few whose life was about other people , about contributing and transforming everything against all odds..a survivor and a fighter...an empty subway tunnel? I don't know...something feels left out of this story......Love you Chloe..you were always such a relief from the endless parade of narcissism.....I light your candle...another goodbye to another good friend.

Penny Arcade
Oh dear Chloe. You were literally a towering figure and a beacon of recovery when I first came in from the cold. I would hang on your every word. Later, we would share wry looks at the HIV planning council when the bs got ridiculous. Always gracious, warm, welcoming. Thank you! ? john

John Magisano
Chloe, I am in utter shock over the news, I am going to miss you, my like minded sister in so many ways.... God bless your soul and if in fact there is foul play here, may justice prevail. You were and will be forever a wonderful kind peaceful presence. Chloe, rest in peace my friend.

Karen Curious
UR my Sister forever xoxoxo

Philly Abe