by Jonesy Rosenberg

Punk Globe: Hi Josh Hows things?

Josh:     Hey, Jones. Things are good, I just watched the San Diego Padres (baseball team) lose their first playoff game, and being a big Dodger fan I couldn't be happier. (laughs)

Punk Globe: Whats new with The Rekoning?

Josh: Well we just got back from our west coast tour and we have been writing some new material for the upcoming full-length album sometime in July 2007 on Standfast Records. We are also planning a national tour around the U.S. in June.

Punk Globe: How did you come up with your band name?

Josh: I was watching the movie Tombstone one day and in the movie Doc Holiday says, "It's not revenge he's after, it's the reckoning." Then I found a scripture in the Bible in Isaiah 10:3 about a day of reckoning which hits kind of hard to the heart, which is fitting for us. We then decided to change the spelling of the name to The Rekoning since their were about 30 Gothic Metal bands with the regular spelling. ! e

Punk Globe: What is your line up?   Name, instrument and one intriguing fact about each band member...

Josh: We have Shawn Montoya on drums/back vox... and he is the cleanist punk rocker you will ever meet, he has every kind of good smelling man product there is, but when we are on tour we love him for it (laughs).
Tommy Gun plays bass/back vox... he plays a custom standup bass through about half our set which is really a sight to see with street punk. He also has five kids which makes him one of the hardest working guys I know.
And I, Josh Northcott play guitar/vox... I dont know about anything intriguing but people find my ability to headwalk while playing guitar, mind boggeling.

Punk Globe: What gives you guys inspiration to write songs?

Josh: Our families and friends definitly. Our expierences in life which some were good and some were hard lessons to learn. The punk scene and the kids that are apart of it and also our faith in God which is definitly the biggest! .

Punk Globe: Where are you from? How is the punk scene around ! there? Is it easy to get gigs?

Josh: We are from Riverside California. The punk scene is alive and well down here in Southern California, kids show up from all over the place, we definitly have a great group down here. It is fairly hard for touring bands starting out to get shows down here, but living here definitly helps. And people have been really good to us down here and letting us play. We have been extremely lucky in that.

Punk Globe:  How would you describe your sound in five words?

Josh: "Flying Swan-Kick To The Face."

Punk Globe: What would you describe The Rekoning on stage? Do you include in covers in your live sets?

Josh: We have high level energy shows. We dont like to waste anytime and we like to make it as rowdy and as fun as possible. We have included "Running Riot" by Cocksparrer, and we also like to cover "Ready When You Are" by The Deal, who are good friends of ours.

Punk Globe: Which punk rock song do you wish you wrote?

Josh:  That's a great question, a lot come!  to mind but I think it would have to be, "White Riot," by The Clash. You just cant beat that song.

Punk Globe:  Anything else you would like to add?

Josh:  Sure, if you like some really good Celtic Punk Rock n Roll
check out Flatfoot 56 from Chicago. They are an awesome band and great guys as well.
Thanks alot Jones, we appreciate it.

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