Rejected Youth - Angry Kids
by Jones Rosenberg


Rejected Youth are one of those bands you just have to love. Although we are only in the beginning of May I dare to say that this is one of the best punk albums coming out of Germany in 2005. With a wild mixture of styles, “Angry Kids” is just as perfect for the pogo party as for the barricades. The lyrics, penned by singer Matze, really stand above the ordinary. For instance when covering issues like Vegetarianism, Religion, Fascism and Globalization; Rejected Youth are as far from clichés as you can possibly come. My favourite tracks include “Antifacista” and “Beasts of England”, which is actually George Orwell in a punk jacket. And the songs are not all about politics; just check out “Aquas Calientes”. One of the best punk rock love songs this year. No doubt. <JONES>



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